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22X Fund is a blockchain platform for funding startups.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform

What is 22X Fund

22X is the brainchild of startup founders from Batch 22 of 500 Startups Accelerator program. Like most great ideas, what started as spitballing over beers snowballed into a batch-wide effort that sought to create a tokenized investment offering. Eschewing traditional wisdom on how to raise funding for their startups, the founders saw a bigger opportunity to raise capital together through an ICO. Through their partnership with Securitize Capital LLC, 22X Fund was born. The startups are represented by one token that seeks to give investors more liquidity and better returns.


Pre-sales: Jan 26, 2018 - Mar 09, 2018
Public sales: Mar 09, 2018 - Mar 23, 2018
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD
Raised: 22,000,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: 22X
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 22X = 1 USD

Project team

Tim Reynders
Tim Reynders
Investment advisor
Tim Reynders linkedin
Jamie Finn
Jamie Finn
Portfolio Manager
Jamie Finn linkedin
Jake Koppinger
Jake Koppinger
CEO, Freightroll
Jake Koppinger linkedin
Ruth Polachek
Ruth Polachek
CEO, Fincheck
Ruth Polachek linkedin
Chris Rawlings
Chris Rawlings
CEO, Judolaunch
Chris Rawlings linkedin
Ashwini Anburajan
Ashwini Anburajan
CEO, OpenUp
Ashwini Anburajan linkedin
Justin Bradshaw
Justin Bradshaw
Co-Founder, Rever
Justin Bradshaw linkedin
Ayush Khanna
Ayush Khanna
COO, LaborVoices
Ayush Khanna linkedin
Kule Dupont
Kule Dupont
CEO, Ohalo
Kule Dupont linkedin
Nawar Nory
Nawar Nory
CTO, Nextplay
Nawar Nory linkedin
Nezare Chafni
Nezare Chafni
CTO, Trueface
Nezare Chafni linkedin


Adam Traidman
Adam Traidman
CEO, Breadwallet
Adam Traidman linkedin
Gabriel Zanko
Gabriel Zanko
Fintech Enterpreneur & Advisor
Gabriel Zanko linkedin
Anthony Pompliano
Anthony Pompliano
MP at Full Tilt Capital
Anthony Pompliano linkedin

Social media

22X Fund web-site22X Fund Medium22X FundYouTube22X Fund Telegram22X Fund Twitter

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