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Afterschool team is developing a kids activities marketplace built with blockchain technology.

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What is Afterschool

Parents are rewarded with the following actions: • Registering to the service and account verification (welcome award) • Referring friends • Promoting the service • Adding children into the database • Curating existing providers • Reviewing existing providers • Writing editorial content Providers are rewarded with the following actions: • Registering to the service and account verification (welcome award) • Adding existing profiles • Promoting the service • Adding parents and children into the database • Curating existing providers • Replying in parent’s review • Writing editorial content


Raised: 12,000,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: AST
Token price in USD: 1 AST = 0.05 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
60% of tokens will be sold in the ICO to secure funds for further product development, operations and international expansion 15% of tokens will be held by project founders and the rest of the team that helped to bring the project to life with their hard work and dedication 10 % of tokens will be given to early stage angel investors, true believers, who showed a lot of trust and provided rocket fuel for our idea 7% of tokens is intended for the initial stocking of the bounty pool to award contributors, who help build and curate our database of entities 8% of tokens will be awarded to our advisors and ambassadors that helped the project with their knowledge and expertise

Afterschool Roadmap


- Afterschool beta launch and market global analysis
- Project architecture development
- Prototyping
- Self funding
- Platform development


- Generated a total $2M GMV for activity providers
- New web and mobile interface
- Expanded sales team
- Added nurseries and schools listing
- Launched white label solution for providers


Total revenue generated $350K USD

September 2017

ICO listing

November 2017

Acquire Incumbent player in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

December 2017

- Afterschool public launch built with ethereum blockchain
- Infrastructure development
- Mode of payment development
- Community development
- Support program launch


- Reward system launch
- Launch in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Qatar
- E-wallet Development

- New UX and UI Interface
- Gamification mechanics loyalty program
- Localization
- Integration with additional platforms from Etherium ecosystem


- Launch in Russia, India, China and Japan
- List in the trade exchange


Launch in Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia

Project team

Joanna Nazareno
Joanna Nazareno
Joanna Nazareno linkedin
Pam Williams
Pam Williams
Head of Sales
Pam Williams linkedin
Cottie Ayad
Cottie Ayad
Operations Manager - Co Founder
Cottie Ayad linkedin
Walfrido Perez
Walfrido Perez
CTO - Co Founder
Ferina Millwala
Ferina Millwala
Sales Assistant
Ferina Millwala linkedin
Cuenca Aguilar
Cuenca Aguilar
Senior Software Engineer
Edzen Manalo
Edzen Manalo
Software Engineer
Edzen Manalo linkedin
Alona Pabrigas
Alona Pabrigas
Account Support
Joven Serrano
Joven Serrano
Success Support
Aryo Pamungkas
Aryo Pamungkas
UX/UI Designer
Aryo Pamungkas linkedin
Andri Prasetia
Andri Prasetia
Creative Designer
Rian Setiawan
Rian Setiawan
Creative Designer
Rian Setiawan linkedin


Jon Edward Santillan
Jon Edward Santillan
Jon Edward Santillan linkedin
Pawel Iwanow
Pawel Iwanow
Pawel Iwanow linkedin

Social media

Afterschool web-siteAfterschool MediumAfterschool TelegramAfterschool BTCTalkAfterschool TwitterAfterschool FacebookAfterschool Slack

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