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Apr 21, 2018 – Jul 31, 2018

AgriChain supports traditional, well-established agricultural supply chains with a dynamic and seamless software solution. Our product is a simple-to-use, secure, independent platform that connects and transfers information between supply chain participants.

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Project industry Media
Product type Platform
Founded Australia


as a transformatiVe software platform, AgriChain reduces inefficiency and proVides Value to supply chain and market participants.

AgriChain supports traditional, well-established agricultural supply chains with a dynamic and seamless software solution. By enabling one-toone global trade, AgriChain encourages farmers and their supporting businesses to connect with buyers to develop and grow their own supply chains. AgriChain aims to make a positive impact on the global agricultural sector and society as a whole.

With the development of blockchain technology, AgriChain has an innovative digital approach and the required industry knowledge to distribute a greater proportion of value to the farmers and the critical businesses that support them. As more farmers move to home storage and away from bulk handlers, AgriChain can support the needs of the industry. By harnessing blockchain technology, farmers can sell their product directly from their home storage systems to domestic or international buyers in a safe, low-risk environment.

Supported by the expansion of the global produce containerisation market, AgriChain enables farmers to build their own global supply chains and export their commodities directly. AgriChain helps smaller farmers build networks to form farmerowned cooperatives, which is particularly relevant in developing economies. Coupled with AgriChain’s logistics platform and global marketplace, farmers across the world can enjoy the benefits of direct market access.

AgriChain connects:

  • Farmers
  • Farmer representatives (brokers)
  • Trucking and logistics companies
  • Logistics brokers
  • Buyers of agricultural products
  • Manufacturers requiring agricultural products (dairies, flour mills, breweries, etc)
  • Smaller farming cooperatives
  • Suppliers of agricultural inputs (chemicals, fertilisers, etc)
  • Importers and exporters of bulk commodities
  • Customers and end users.
  • Key benefits

    Supply chain tracking and automation

    Combining user-friendly native mobile applications for farming and logistics operations with a powerful web application for business administration, AgriChain provides end-to-end visibility of the agricultural supply chain. AgriChain enables farmers, brokers and logistics companies to transfer data and automate the delivery process, from the paddock to end user.

    As each load is picked up and delivered, data is collected and time-stamped at each point along the supply chain. All parties are updated in realtime as each transaction takes place. Through this process, AgriChain improves productivity, increases visibility, controls stock, automates freight orders and eliminates manual paperwork.

    Information and data visibility

    With AgriChain, users are empowered to make decisions supported by accurate information and market data. By providing visibility of commodity stocks, users know exactly how much product they hold, where it is going, when it is getting there, and what its value is. At every stage of the supply chain, users can be confident that they have the information required to maximise their bottom-line.

    As the end-to-end supply chain can be tracked and managed through a single, industry-wide system, buyers and end users also benefit from improvements to data accuracy and completeness. Should contamination or any other product safety issues occur, affected products can be quickly identified and recalled without disrupting the entire supply chain.

    Smart contracting

    AgriChain provides seamless contract solutions between farmers, brokers, buyers and logistics providers. AgriChain’s aim is to provide the best automated software solution for creating commodity contracts and freight contracts

    The AgriChain system will enable buyers, sellers and freighters of commodities to interact in a blockchain-backed environment, ensuring both sides of the sale are protected. AgriChain will create the first global marketplace for buying and selling physical agricultural commodities using blockchain technology.

    Recordkeeping and proof of origin

    As commodities move along the supply chain, proof of origin can be established by creating an immutable blockchain record of the journey from paddock to plate. Key supply chain participants as well as supply chain nodes owned and controlled by each of these entities (such as fields, silos, trucks and delivery locations) are recorded at every stage. AgriChain also records key commodity data including the weights, types, varieties, grades, specifications and inputs. All users get a complete picture of the products they are purchasing, as blockchain allows for a fully transparent and traceable supply chain.

    ICO Details

    Pre-ICO token supply: 40,000,000
    ICO token supply: 1,000,000,000 AGRI
    Hard cap: 750,000,000 USD


    ICO Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: China, United States, Vietnam
    Registration country: Australia
    Registration year: 2017
    Office address: (ACN 613 275 102) of 10 Elder Entrance, Burleigh Heads in the State of Queensland 4220

    Token info

    Ticker: AGRI
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC-20
    Token price in USD: 1 AGRI = 0.075 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, XEM
    Token distribution:
    10% - Team (Present and Future)
    30% - Commodities Fund
    20% - Public Growth Pool
    8% - Future Operations
    30% - Public Distribution
    2% - Social Programs
    Funds allocation:
    40% - Platform Development
    25% - Growth and Marketing
    20% - Business Operations
    10% - Research and Prototyping
    5% - Contingency

    AgriChain Roadmap

    2015 Q4

    AgriChain founded.

    2016 Q1

    User requirements gathering.

    2016 Q2

    AgriChain begins development of the first software iteration.

    2016 Q3

    AgriChain 1.0 is released to a core group of farmers and grain brokers across the east coast of Australia.

    2016 Q3

    AgriChain wins StartUp House (San Francisco) Battlefield - Best Pitch.

    2016 Q4

    The AgriChain team gathers essential feedback and insights into how growers and logistics companies use the product during harvest.

    2017 Q1

    Leveraging the feedback and lessons learned from AgriChain 1.0, the team begins scoping and designing AgriChain 2.0.

    2017 Q1

    Australia’s largest group of independent grain brokers (Rise Agri) commit to using AgriChain .

    2017 Q2

    AgriChain receives an ‘Ignite Ideas’ funding grant from the Queensland Government.

    2017 Q3

    After four months of scoping and design, full-scale development begins for AgriChain 2.0 (web and native mobile apps).

    2017 Q4

    A panel lead by Prince Andrew (Duke of York), selects AgriChain as a finalist at the Queensland Pitch@ Palace competition.

    2017 Q4

    Regional trial partners provide valuable feedback about the user experience throughout harvest.

    2018 Q1

    AgriChain rapidly emerging profile in the agricultural and blockchain industry leads to new opportunities with collaboration partners in Australia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

    2018 Q1

    AgriChain launches an offering event for the AGRI token.

    Project team

    Chief Executive Officer in AgriChain - 1
    Caile Ditterich
    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Operations Officer in AgriChain - 2
    Sam Webb
    Chief Operations Officer
    Business Development Manager in AgriChain - 3
    Ian Dalgliesh
    Business Development Manager
    Marketing Manager in AgriChain - 4
    Megan Laws
    Marketing Manager
    User Experience Designer in AgriChain - 5
    Laurence James
    User Experience Designer
    Business Coordinator in AgriChain - 6
    Dorothy Teng
    Business Coordinator
    Chief Finance Officer in AgriChain - 7
    Professor Baden U'Ren
    Chief Finance Officer
    Business Development Manager in AgriChain - 8
    Geoff Moore
    Business Development Manager


    Artificial Intelligence Advisor in AgriChain - 9
    Simon Spencer
    Artificial Intelligence Advisor
    Agricultural Advisor  in AgriChain - 10
    Gerard Toscan
    Agricultural Advisor
    Agricultural Advisor in AgriChain - 11
    Brendan Stewart
    Agricultural Advisor
    Supply Chains and Logistics Advisor in AgriChain - 12
    Don Telford
    Supply Chains and Logistics Advisor
    Supply Chains and Logistics Advisor in AgriChain - 13
    Jack Haddad
    Supply Chains and Logistics Advisor
    Market Entry and Growth Advisor in AgriChain - 14
    Christian Mischler
    Market Entry and Growth Advisor
    International Markets Advisor in AgriChain - 15
    Jing Su
    International Markets Advisor
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor in AgriChain - 16
    Jamie Skella
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor in AgriChain - 17
    Martin Davidson
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor in AgriChain - 18
    Alex Saunders
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor in AgriChain - 19
    Suryanata Wongtomo
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor in AgriChain - 20
    Anouk Pinchetti
    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor

    Social media

    Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook


    MVP URL App store Google Play

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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    Height: 50 px
    Widht: 160 px

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