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AIPAY is an artificial intelligence payment platform driven by blockchain that offers a decentralized, reliable and automated way to purchase products.

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Project industryCommerce & Retail
Product typePlatform

What is AIPAY

AIPAY is a payment platform driven by blockchain that offers a decentralized, reliable and fully automated way to buy products from all e-commerce and shopping sites for all kinds of buyers. Anyone can access and use AIPAY platform to purchase any products from the marketplace based on the internet starting from the biggest companies such as Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay. AIPAY token will be the base and encouraged token to be used in all AIPAY applications, offering very special discounts, rewards and opportunities to users in all purchases. 


The vision of AIPAY is to provide a fast, private, flexible, safe, robust and decentralized artificial intelligence payment platform to every customers on the world which makes online shopping.

1. The biggest goal that AIPAY puts in its vision is to integrate its system to all ecommerce and shopping sites on the world starting from the biggest companies such as Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay and providing customers to one-click shopping with maximum comfort. One of the important tasks that AIPAY will assume as a responsibility is to ensure the highest quality of customer experience.

2. AIPAY can make the artificial intelligence neural network operation decentralized and distributed over the mass nodes of the whole world through blockchain technology.

3. Via smart contract, data provider and data training party are physically separated, protecting data privacy.

4. The massive neural network computing nodes of AIPAY can be dynamically adjusted according to the amount of calculation of the user's products, so as to meet the requirements of users' calculation in a flexible way.

5. The threat of artificial intelligence has been the sword of Damocles hanging above the human head, and various science fiction movies have thrown out artificial intelligence to threaten the survival of human beings. Famous physicist Stephen William Hawking and entrepreneur Elon Musk have issued artificial intelligence threat theories. Although technically the threat still requires years of technological development, if we can build technical specifications from a very early stage, the benefits of human development will only be greater. We believe that smart contracts are likely to be an important solution to future threats of artificial intelligence. We will continue to explore to restrain some preternatural behaviors of artificial intelligence in AIPAY through smart contract, to guard against potential artificial intelligence threat for the future.

Brief Description of AIPAY

AIPAY is an artificial intelligence payment platform which aims to integrate its system to all the sites on the world by increasing the site database from day to day and will serve with a machine learning algorithm that has been created in high-level engineering standards with its reliable, fast and practical use. AIPAY will give extra importance to ergonomics and user experience. Therefore, we will develop our whole system in the most appropriate way to meet the needs of people. Using blockchain technology, we will build a decentralized, safe, private, fast, ergonomic and robust artificial intelligence payment platform to be compatible with every site and user. AIPAY, the first and only type of its kind, offers an extraordinary payment platform.

The system of AIPAY works based on an artificial intelligence that uses a common account with the user and improves itself by learning over time. After a single click for the user's order confirmation, the smart artificial intelligence, which provides full automation, takes care of all the processes itself. The artificial intelligence, which works according to traditional methods, makes the payment through fiat currency and receives the payment from the user as AIPAY token that will be used as the backbone of whole platform.

As you can see, AIPAY token will be used as the base and encouraged currency within the AIPAY platform. You can do your shopping in all the sites on the world that we integrate our system by paying only AIPAY token in a very practical way (we call it oneclick shopping) without being connected to any other central currency. The extraordinary payment platform that we will develop will be integrated into every site without having to partner with any organization or site. All we need is the time required for our artificial intelligence and platform to be tested and to work properly. Because artificial intelligence products need to train models by neural network calculation, and the data model training process needs to consume a large amount of computing resources. Artificial intelligence products want to achieve better product index, in addition to the algorithm. That is, there is a need for massive data to train, means longer training.


Public sales: Nov 20, 2018 - Dec 21, 2018
Token supply: 16,000,000,000 AIPAY
Total tokens for sale: 10,000,000 AIPAY
Soft cap: 250 ETH
Hard cap: 500 ETH


Registration country: Singapore

Token info

Ticker: AIPAY
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 AIPAY= 8.72E-6 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
ICO stage 1 (20 Nov - 04 Dec) - 25% ICO
stage 2 (04-15 Dec) - 15%
Token distribution:
63% - token sale
15% - team and founders
7% - marketing and ecosystem development
6% - airdrop
5% - reserve fund
4% - board advisors
Funds allocation:
40% - engineering and development
20% - marketing & promotion
12% - business development
10% - legal & regulation
8% - operational & administration
6% - partners
4% - contingency

AIPAY Roadmap

August 2018

Creating the idea.

September 2018

Determinig the features and architecture of the AIPAY service and applications.

October 2018

AIPAY Token Smart Contract and Website Development.

November 2018

Website and White Paper Release;
Launcing the AIPAY PLatform.

December 2018

End of Srowdsale;
Listing on Many Exchanges.

January 2019

AIPAY Secure Wallet Beta Release for Android and iOS.

February 2019

Marketing, vendor and Partner Development;
Listing on a Major Exchange.

April 2019

Launching Full Functional AIPAY Secure Wallet for Android and iOS.

June 2019

Releasing AIPAY Desktop Wallet.

August 2019

Launching Extraordinary Payment Platform of AIPAY as the Google Chrome Extension.

October 2019

Launching Unique Payment Platform of AIPAY for Android and iOS.

December 2019

Launching "AIPAY Voice" and "AIPAY BioFace" and integrating them onto the AIPAY applications.

February 2019

Partnership with a huge e-commerce website.

June 2020

Integration of AIPAY Platfrom to all kinds of shopping and e-commerce sites.

Project team

Maximilian Krishnan
Maximilian Krishnan
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Maximilian Krishnan linkedin
Teck Yong Lee
Teck Yong Lee
CTO & AI Engineer
Teck Yong Lee linkedin
Brian Chang Wei
Brian Chang Wei
Sr. Back-End Developer
Brian Chang Wei linkedin
Jason Hyung Leo
Jason Hyung Leo
Sr. Front-End Developer
Jason Hyung Leo linkedin


Anthony Patrick Harper
Anthony Patrick Harper
Technical Advisor
Anthony Patrick Harper linkedin
Nishant Asher Singh
Nishant Asher Singh
Board Advisor
Nishant Asher Singh linkedin

Social media

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