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AQUA Intelligence is a data-driven platform on the blockchain that enables consumers to monetize and validate their personal data.

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Project industryTravel & Tourism
Product typePlatform

What is AQUA Intelligence

Aqua Intelligence is a blockchain platform that allows users to safely transfer their personal data and monetize the hotel business. Using artificial intelligence, this project should contribute to increasing the benefits from both the hotels themselves (sellers) and the buyers.

It will improve sales, increase the efficiency of hotels, increase profits and attract new customers. In addition, customers who become members of AQUA Mobile will be able to earn AQX tokens, which they can pay for products and services of hotels participating in this project.

Also, tourists can centrally manage their travels, ask questions and instantly receive answers to them, interact with other members of the project using the mobile application AQUA Mobile.


Pre-sales: May 07, 2018 - Jul 30, 2018
Public sales: Jul 30, 2018 - TBA
Token supply: 225000000
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD


Country limitations: China, United States

Token info

Ticker: AQUA
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 AQUA = 0.25 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
15% Bonus until May 11th
12% Bonus until May 25th
9% Bonus until June 15th
6% Bonus until June 30th
3% Bonus until July 30th
0% Bonus until September 30th
Token distribution:
5% - Bounties & Airdrops
20% - Team
30% - Platform Reserve
45% - AQUA Token Sale
Funds allocation:
10% - Legal
10% - Operational Expenses
30% - Marketing
20% - Research & Editorial
40% - Platform Development

AQUA Intelligence Roadmap

Progress to Date 2Q15 – 2Q17:

Launched web and mobile based PMS platform for hotel industry.
Currently in test properties across Las Vegas, USA.
iOS mobile app and web: Improved to V1.1.
Partnership and integration with major hotel chain.
Prototype of machine learning-based PMS platform.

1Q18 & 2Q18:

Token White paper release.
AQX Token sale.
Create working group of in-house blockchain developers and ETH community developers.


Finalize the design of our private blockchain.
Initiate the migration of legacy hotel data onto our private blockchain.
Develop the MVP for the AQUA Mobile App.
Build the management team for AQUA.
Begin development of the AQUA RMS platform.


Launch alpha AQUA RMS platform.
Complete architecture of the data platform by gathering data feeds across web platforms, mobile apps, and other third parties.
Begin integrating tokens as monetization mechanism via ETH blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts.
Begin development of data feed, built on keywords and topics generated from our machine learning algorithms.

1Q19 & 2Q19:

Token-based platform beta test.
Alternative data partnerships and integration.
Network Node Architecture, AI, Machine Learning, and Prediction Model.
Private Blockchain Beta – Single Shared.
Private Blockchain Beta – Multi State.

2Q19 & 3Q19:

Begin development of AI-based Intelligent Assistant.
Develop expansion plan for Europe-Asia-Pacific.
Establish relationships with hospitality and retail partners.
Launch AQUA Mobile App.
Build AQUA datacenter.

2020 & Beyond:

Expand upon AI-based insight and analysis tools, using historical user activity data amassed from our client base as training set.
Begin development of AI-based Intelligent Assistant to help identify, save, retrieve, assess and analyze relevant public information for users.
Develop a complete suite of AQUA Solutions for the hospitality industries.

Project team

David Braut
David Braut
David Braut linkedin
Harsha Cuttari
Harsha Cuttari
Harsha Cuttari linkedin
Okechi Onyeje
Okechi Onyeje
Blockchain Developer
Okechi Onyeje linkedin
Mylara Swamy
Mylara Swamy
Blockchain Developer
Mylara Swamy linkedin
Jim Rice
Jim Rice
Jim Rice linkedin
Lawrence Bergenfield
Lawrence Bergenfield
Lawrence Bergenfield linkedin


Rick Hilton
Rick Hilton
Rick Hilton linkedin
Tony Lau
Tony Lau
Tony Lau linkedin
Jaian Cuttari
Jaian Cuttari
ICO Advisor
Jaian Cuttari linkedin
Arthur Iinuma
Arthur Iinuma
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Arthur Iinuma linkedin
Chuck Goldman
Chuck Goldman
Chuck Goldman linkedin
David Norton
David Norton
David Norton linkedin
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee linkedin
Trond Vidar Bjoroy
Trond Vidar Bjoroy
Trond Vidar Bjoroy linkedin
Frank Grant
Frank Grant
Legal Counsel
Frank Grant linkedin

Social media

AQUA Intelligence web-siteAQUA Intelligence RedditAQUA Intelligence MediumAQUA Intelligence TelegramAQUA Intelligence InstagramAQUA Intelligence BTCTalkAQUA Intelligence LinkedInAQUA Intelligence TwitterAQUA Intelligence Facebook

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