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BitNautic (BTNT) ICO

Past ICO
Jun 01, 2018 – Jul 30, 2018

BitNautic is a decentralized shipping and cargo platform based on blockchain technology.

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Project industry Supply & Logistics
Product type App
Founded United Kingdom


BitNautic is a decentralized blockchain-based shipping and cargo platform.       

The BitNautic platform is designed to streamline communication between industry participants (importers, exporters, shippers, ship owners, carriers and agents). The BitNautic solution is supposed to facilitate secure and transparent negotiating and transaction process.  

The BitNautic application will have the following features: cargo booking system, ship brokerage system and cargo consolidation. Shippers will need to enter cargo origin and destination, ship dates and type in the BitNautic system. They will get offers directly from carriers together with all necessary specifications and details. Ship owners will need to provide the ship location and date; they will then receive the data on matching cargos. The BitNautic team is developing an AI engine to meet the specific need of shipping industry and provide quality matching results.

The BitNautic developers have also envisaged the ship and cargo tracking, as well as escrow services. To facilitate transactions and trading of goods and service, the BitNautic team are issuing an ERC20 hybrid BTNT token. It will be used for subscription for professional use of the BitNautic Platform, cargo booking fees payment, etc.

According to the roadmap, BitNautic platform will be made available for public testing (public beta) in Q3 2018.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 50000000
Soft cap: 5,000ETH
Hard cap: 11,414,000 USD(fiat)


Registration country: United Kingdom


Bounty: 5%
Translation: 8%
Social media: 63%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 26 %

Token info

Ticker: BTNT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 BTNT = 1.33156 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.002000 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO Bonus - 30%
First Week - 20%
Second Week - 15%
Third Week - 10%
Fourth Week - 5%
Remaining Time - 0%
Token distribution:
20% - Pre-ICO
50% - Main ICO
4% - Founders
6% - Team
5% - Advisors
5% - Bounty
10% - Reserve Funds
Funds allocation:
30% - Ships Purchase
7% - Admin Operations
30% - Marketing and Sales
20% - Research and Development
3% - Legal Fees
10% - Exchange Integration

BitNautic (BTNT) ICO Roadmap

Q1 2017

Project Concept

Q2 2017

Project Development

Q4 2017

BitNautic Platform MVP Available for Private Testing

Q1 2018

Project Moved to Switzerland. BitNautic Sagal incorporated. Private Pre-Sale of BTNT Tokens

Q2 2018

ICO (Crowdsale) of BTNT Tokens

Q3 2018

BitNautic platform (Available for public testing) Establishment of partnerships with selected Carriers BTNT Tokens listed on the exchange

Q4 2018

BitNautic Platform official release

Q1 2019

Shipping platform integrated with blockchain

Q2 2019

Wholesale E-Commerce available for public testing

Q3 2019

E-commerce platform beta version release


President, EventChain in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO -
Jay Addison
President, EventChain
Blockchain Advisor in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 1
Rosheel Baig
Blockchain Advisor
ICO Advisor in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 2
Marcus Dreyer
ICO Advisor
ICO Advisor in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 3
Amarpreet Singh
ICO Advisor
Financial Advisor in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 4
Oliver Ko
Financial Advisor
Corporate Advisor in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 5
Pankaj Gupta
Corporate Advisor
ICO Advisor and Entrepreneur in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 6
John Van der Vos
ICO Advisor and Entrepreneur
Marketing Strategist in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 7
Edward Melikyan
Marketing Strategist
Community manager, Czech Republic in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 8
Cristian Slivca
Community manager, Czech Republic
Advisor in BitNautic (BTNT) ICO - 9
Eleftherios Jerry Floros

Social media

Web-site Reddit Medium Telegram btctalk Twitter Facebook slack github

User rating:

5/5 ( 2 )

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