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CamOnRoad is the decentralized real time video logging system. It allows drivers to make profit with every ride by streaming or uploading public videos. Uploaded videos processes by neural networks to mine some additional data.

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Project industryData Analytics
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Technical details

ERC20 standard.

What is Camonroad

Dash camera as CamOnRoad mobile app for Android and iOS with the functions of a trip computer and speed cameras detector; Automobile online navigator with the elements of augmented reality; Streaming or uploading the users’ videos to a cloud storage with the system of video validity verification; The possibility for the users to earn internal cryptocurrency of the app (CAM) if they permit public usage of anonymized copies of their video records on the platform; The possibility of neural networks training to search for various objects and events in videos; Search for videos by place, date, time, recorded events or objects; Subscription to various events or objects appearing in the uploaded videos.

Token info

Ticker: CAM
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
Allocation plan: 65% - Fundraiser 10% - Early users rewards, Bounties 25% - Founders, team, early investors Distribution plan: 40% - Product Development 30% - Hardware infrastructure improvement 20% - Marketing & customer acquisition 10% - Legal

Camonroad Roadmap


Backend development
Mobile apps development
Frontend development
Beta of video streaming system
Augmented reality engine release


Video streaming system release
Video protection system
Car crash detection system
Clusterised video storage
Car plates recognition beta
Business model development & proofing
Indexing system for geo-tagged videos
Beta version of search engine for videos by place & time


Video search engine release
Car plates recognition release
Blockchain integration features
Wallet integration to the apps
Drivers reward system beta Smart contract
Development ERC20 CAM-token release
Moving to CAM payments in CamOnRoad ecosystem
Neural networks development
Car brand recognition
Car model recognition
Car color recognition
Traffic signs recognition


Neural networks development (patterns recognition):
Car crashes
Police chases
Traffic offense
Condition of road surface
Outdoor advertising
Animals cross the road
Meteors falling =)
SDK development (streaming videos to CoR cloud from other car DVR mobile applications)
Business features development:
Selfdriving cars developers
Insurance companies
Outdor advertising companies & clients


Worldwide blockchain based realtime video logging system development.

Project team

Sergei Germanovich
Sergei Germanovich
CEO & Co-founder
Sergei Germanovich linkedin
Boris Shmelev
Boris Shmelev
CFO, Co-Founder
Boris Shmelev facebook
Daria Gashuk
Daria Gashuk
Blockchain ambassador
Daria Gashuk linkedin
Alexander Filippov
Alexander Filippov
Alexander Filippov linkedin
Paul Rudnitskiy
Paul Rudnitskiy
System Architect
Paul Rudnitskiy linkedin
Boris Rozhko
Boris Rozhko
Backend Team Leader
Boris Rozhko linkedin
Alexander Malyshkin
Alexander Malyshkin
Android Dev Team Leader
Alexander Malyshkin linkedin
Vitaly Verkash
Vitaly Verkash
iOS Dev Team Leader
Vitaly Verkash linkedin
Vitaly Usov
Vitaly Usov
Senior iOS developer


Victor Pasternak
Victor Pasternak

Social media

Camonroad web-siteCamonroad TelegramCamonroad BTCTalkCamonroad TwitterCamonroad FacebookCamonroad Github

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