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Carmel is the decentralized open source tech education platform that helps aspiring and seasoned software developers grow their skill set and track their growth through tokenized peer challenges.

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Project industryEducation
Product typePlatform

What is Carmel

Carmel Community is designed to be a learning community and so the primary stakeholder is and always will be the Learner.

Carmel offers traditional tech educators - such as professors, teachers, or even schools themselves - a means to extend their in-classroom curriculum to a decentralized model.

Carmel is designed from scratch to implement an Educational Model that is based on solid principles collected from real-world experiences working in the Software Industry.

With Carmel, developers engage in a hands on, microlearning model that is self-directed, peer driven and story-based. Learning with Carmel, the student is exposed to a way of doing things that feels very real.


Pre-sales: May 07, 2018 - Jun 11, 2018
Public sales: Jun 11, 2018 - Aug 20, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 7,000,000
Token supply: 28,000,000
Soft cap: 8,000,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD(fiat)


Registration country: Romania

Token info

Ticker: CARMEL
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 CARMEL = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Private Sale - 90% discount
EOS AirDrop - 100 Free Carmel Tokens for each EOS token holder
Referral bonus - 50 Carmel tokens
Public Pre-Sale Week 1 - 50% discount
Public Pre-Sale Week 2 - 40% discount
Public Pre-Sale Week 3 - 30% discount
Public Pre-Sale Week 4 - 20% discount
Public Pre-Sale Week 5 - 10% discount
Public Sale - 0% discount
Token distribution:
60% - Distribution
20% - Founders Fund
10% - Partners Fund
10% - Fluid Fund (bounties, rewards, scholarships and incentives)

Carmel Roadmap

Initial Carmel Studio Launch

Release Objective: LAUNCH THE STUDIO. Get the Carmel Studio (Desktop App) out as a functional native app for Windows, Mac and Linux. This first version will be limited but it will introduce the concept of the Carmel Toolbox and will have an initial integration with the host operating system for opening tools such as the Terminal, as well as installing tools.

First Functional Carmel Challenge

Release Objective: FIRST FUNCTIONAL CHALLENGE. Allow leaners to download the first Carmel Challenge and take it inside the Carmel Studio.

Temporary (ERC20) CARMEL Token Launch

Release Objective: TEMPORARY (ERC20) CARMEL TOKEN LAUNCH. Launch the Ethereum ERC20 Temporary CARMEL token.

Carmel Mobile iOS & Android Launch

Release Objective: CARMEL MOBILE IOS & ANDROID LAUNCH. Publish the initial version of mobile apps to the Apple AppStore and to the Google Play Store.

Official EOS CARMEL Token Launch

Release Objective: OFFICIAL EOS CARMEL TOKEN LAUNCH. Deploy the EOS Dapp to the EOS Mainnet and officially offer native CARMEL EOS payments.

Initial Chunky Intelligent Guide Prototype

Release Objective: INITIAL CHUNKY INTELLIGENT GUIDE PROTOTYPE. Launch an early prototype of the Chunky Guide that helps Carmel Learners during their Learning Journey.

Carmel 1.0-Beta Release

Release Objective: CARMEL 1.0 BETA RELEASE. Freeze all major features and open up the platform to public functional testing.

Official Carmel 1.0 Public Launch

Release Objective: OFFICIAL 1.0 LAUNCH. The fully functional platform, including the Web App, Mobile App, Desktop App and the EOS Dapp. Migrated to EOS and fully operational.

Project team

Dan Calinescu
Dan Calinescu
CEO & Co-founder
Dan Calinescu linkedin
Andrei Lazurca
Andrei Lazurca
Product Manager & Co-founder
Andrei Lazurca linkedin
Andi Coman
Andi Coman
Product Developer & Co-founder
Andi Coman linkedin

Social media

Carmel web-siteCarmel Github

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