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Cazaar is a cryptocurrency exchange project. Cazaar’s main goal is to provide a fast, safe, transparent and mutually profitable service.

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What is Cazaar

Cazaar is a cryptocurrency exchange that is focusing on the essentials of such a platform. We will always prioritize the fundamental values of an exchange, such as proper, safe, fast and bug-free service. Only after this point is achieved we are willing to involve every other aspect.

For the first month of our operation (BETA phase) we are going to focus on the basics.

The main attributes of the service are going to be the following:

  • Crypto-crypto transactions
  • Web-platform (The most widespread amongst crypto traders)
  • A general trading fee of 0.1% (which can be reduced or utilized in many ways)
  • High transaction speed, more than 1,000,000 orders per second.
  • 30+ listed coins/tokens
  • BTC, ETH and USDT pairs
  • Cold wallets, 2FA and Multi-Signature technology implemented
  • After the BETA phase we will implement:

  • a Referral System
  • a Crowdsourcing and Crowdvoting system
  • a PoS coin distribution system
  • a Trade-based fee reduction system
  • Options for improvement in an already well-established system:

  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Fiat-Crypto options
  • Margin trading
  • Futures trading
  • OTC trading
  • Decentralized solutions
  • Web-platform

    As the main platform, Cazaar’s web-based trading clients will be the first and most important surface you can trade on.

    It will have Basic and Advanced options so we can attract and keep the newcomers and the experienced traders as well.

    We will list at least 30 assets on the platform, 15-20 of which will be decided by the investors prior to the launch, so their needs are met and they can trade through our service straight from the beginning. The rest of the roster will consist of current ICOs that have remarkable investor bases.

    Behind the platform there will be a matching engine that can handle more than a 1,000,000 orders/second.

    Considering that Binance, one of the biggest crypto exchanges out there have a trading engine capable of processing around 1,400,000 orders/second, and it was able to perform well, even under the pressure of 8-10 million registered users, it will be able to keep our service stable as well for the foreseeable future.


    Cazaar token (CZAR) is a crypto asset emitted by Cazaar using ERC20 as technical standard. The most important role of the token is to fund the launch of the exchange while being as beneficial for the investors as possible.

    CZARs can be:

  • used to participate in the crowdsourcing and decision making for free. (in case you have at least 100 CZARs on your balance)
  • exchanged for other crypto assets after the Cazaar Exchange launch.
  • sold to the Company (Us) at the monthly buy ups.
  • a way for projects to get listed on the exchange at a 20% discount. (If they wish to pay their listing fees in CZARs)
  • The price of one CZAR token is US $0.25. The total token supply will be 12,000,000 CZAR.

    Any tokens that have not been sold during the crowdfunding campaign will be destroyed.

    Business Model

    Fees will be the main income of Cazaar. Most notably:

  • Trading fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Listing fees
  • PoS coin distribution fees
  • Voting fees (in case our limit is not met)
  • We will use 30% of the profits that were generated by the fees to improve the site and to fulfill our promises:

  • 10% goes to Reserves
  • 10% goes to buy back CZARs
  • 10% goes to improve the site (Increase the number of supported languages, system scaling etc.)
  • Details

    Public sales: Nov 30, 2018 - Jan 15, 2019
    Token supply: 12,000,000 CZAR
    Soft cap: 750,000 USD
    Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: Cayman Islands, South Africa, United States

    Token info

    Ticker: CZAR
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 CZAR = 0.25 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
    Token distribution:
    100% - token sale
    Funds allocation:
    70% - equipment and development
    15% - human resources and operational costs
    10% - reserve funds
    5% - marketing and advertising expenses

    Cazaar Roadmap

    November 30 - January 15 2018/2019

    Fundraising event

    January 15 – January 29 2019

    Token distribution

    January 15 - April 05 2019

    Development of the Exchange

    April 05 - May 06 2019

    BETA phase
    The tokens are already tradable at this point

    May 06 2019

    Fully operational service and constant improvements

    Project team

    Gyula Nemeth
    Gyula Nemeth
    Gyula Nemeth facebook
    Mark Szecsi
    Mark Szecsi
    Mark Szecsi facebook
    Mark Vituska
    Mark Vituska
    Mark Vituska facebook

    Social media

    Cazaar web-siteCazaar RedditCazaar MediumCazaar BTCTalkCazaar Twitter

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