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Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO

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Feb 14, 2019 – Apr 08, 2019

The Clarity Project is developing a blockchain-based application for small business owners, designed to help them organize and securely store their business records, and also gain access to credit and investments that they might not typically have. The company is also releasing its own cryptocurrency, the CLRTY token, which is being used to fund the project’s development and will eventually be required to pay for a subscription to the service.

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Project industry Trading & Investing


We are building a revolutionary platform for all small businesses that will combine the power of technology and the right advisors to make our vision a reality. One where every business owner has all their data in one place and the control over who has access to it and when. We also want to reward those who choose to share elements of their data.

It’s not just about control and storage, it’s also about getting valuable insights into their performance and growth potential, a roadmap to design a growing, sustainable business and access to finance and previously unavailable early-stage investment to help them thrive.

We are giving businesses control:

  • Control over their data,
  • Control over their finances; and
  • Control over their future.
  • You’ll be able to see how you and your firm could get access to an untapped market you’ve not accessed before, because the cost constraints of due diligence has kept your portfolio away from sub £5million businesses.

    In addition, the time taken to provide lending and funding can be significantly reduced because all the information is already in one place and third party verified, making deals happen faster, potentially leading to better deals, more frequently each year.

    Lenders will be provided with strong performance metrics identifying businesses they'd be delighted to lend to.

    Clarity gives give back control, money and time to small business owners: control over their finances, data and future and control over the money they earn, all the while freeing up time. Business owners with Clarity can use that time to spend where it will truly make a difference; to their business, to their family, to a better life, with ripple effects then fanning out to the community and hence to our world.

    Clarity is a single platform (powered by blockchain), where business owners can securely store all their financial and business data, such as staff contracts, bank loan agreements, insurance details, health and safety reports and so on. In fact, with Clarity any business document can be stored in a logical wallet system.

    All those documents can be independently verified on the blockchain, giving the data more reliability and credibility to interested third parties such as banks or investors. Thanks to Clarity, business owners will have complete control over their data and can give access to those they choose, and when.

    Financial data can be automatically analysed by the platform. Meanwhile key ratios can be mapped and charted, giving the business owner valuable insights and allowing accountants and business mentors to use the analysis to better advise small business owners.

    The data can also, with agreement, be benchmarked against others in a similar industry, giving the business owner more certainty. The results of business decisions can be analysed quickly and effectively.

    This data can also be shared with banks and interested institutional investors, who can better analyse the risk and invest in businesses that they might otherwise have shied away from or just wouldn’t invest in because the cost of due diligence was too high for the projected return.

    The Clarity platform does, in effect, provide a business development plan and if all sections of the wallet are complete it provides a blueprint for the creation of an amazing business.


    Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
    Hard cap: 104,000 ETH


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: China, South Korea

    Token info

    Ticker: CLRTY
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 CLRTY= 0.29472 USD
    Token price in ETH: 1 CLRTY = 1 ETH
    Accepted currencies: ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH
    Bonus program:
    Pre-ICO Round 1 - 2,500 CLRTY - 1 ETH - 10,000,000 CLRTY tokens
    Pre-ICO Round 2 - 1,500 CLRTY - 1 ETH - 30,000,000 CLRTY tokens
    ICO - 1000 CLRTY - 1 ETH
    Token distribution:
    55% - customer acquisition
    5% - founders and early participants
    10% - advisors and consultants
    1% - making a difference
    15% - platform development
    14% - operational expenses
    Funds allocation:
    72.1 % - token public sale
    4.2 % - liquidity
    0.4% - board advisors
    0.8% - advisors
    12.5% - founders
    9.2% - strategic partnership? prizes and bonuses
    0.8% - team incentives

    Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO Roadmap

    June 2017

    Birth of Idea Birmingham.

    December 2017

    Founders Meet ICO Specialist Advisors.

    March 2018

    Limited Company Incorporated.

    April 2018

    Whitepaper Writing Commenced.

    May 2018

    Whitepaper Writing Finished.

    June 2018

    ICO Race: Lugano (7th June);
    World Blockchain Summit: Frankfurt (25-26 JIne).

    July 2018

    B1G1 Business for Good Conference: Singapore (12-13 July);
    World Blockchain Summit: Singapore (19-20 July);

    Aug 2018

    Clarity is announced as the first ICO to receive regulatory consent form the JFSC.

    September 2018

    Blockchain Conference London (26th Sept).
    World Blockchain Forum (4th & 5th Sept)

    October 2018

    White Listing Starts
    27th October 2018 - White listing starts in preparation of the Public Pre-Sale.
    QuickBooks Connect
    The Clarity team attends QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, as keynote speakers and influencers within the cloud accounting and blockchain community

    November 2018

    Public Pre-Sale Sale Start
    November 2018 - Public Pre-Sale starts on the 3rd of November and will end on 5th of January 2019

    QuickBooks Connect
    The Clarity team attends QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, as keynote speakers and influencers within the cloud accounting and blockchain community

    Q1 2019

    Token Sale Start
    Clarity will be running its main Token Sale in Q1 2019.

    Q2 2019

    Clarity Platform Development Begins.

    Q4 2019

    Clarity Platform (Stage 1) Launch.

    Project team

    CEO - BComm(Hons) FCA in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 1
    Aynsley Damery
    CEO - BComm(Hons) FCA
    COO - FCA FMAAT in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 2
    Steven Briginshaw
    CTO - FCA in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 3
    Luke Smith
    CTO - FCA
    CFO - ACMA CGMA in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 4
    Julie Heaven


    Fund Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 5
    Lewis Buckley
    Fund Advisor
    Legal Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 6
    Christopher Griffin
    Legal Advisor
    Legal Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 7
    Michael Miglio
    Legal Advisor
    Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 8
    Gordon Gilchrist
    Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 9
    Wayne Schmidt
    Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 10
    Paul Dunn
    Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 11
    Steve Pipe
    Advisor in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 12
    Paul Shrimpling
    Marketing in Clarity Project (CLRTY) ICO - 13
    Amy Hayes

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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