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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperCoinStarter White Paper Open

Technical details

Ethereum ERC20 standard token.

What is CoinStarter

CoinStarter is platform of the crowdfunding ICO model.  With the help  proprietary software, users can launch their campaigns and coins in just a few minutes. StarterCoin ????? ???????????? ?? ?????? cryptocurrency ?? ????????? ????????? CoinStarter.


Pre-sales: Jan 06, 2018 - Jan 19, 2018
Public sales: Jan 20, 2018 - Feb 17, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 107800000
Token supply: 588000000

Token info

Ticker: STC
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 STC = 0.1 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
Pre ICO - 30%
WEEK 1 - 25%
WEEK 1 - 20%
WEEK 1 - 15%
WEEK 1 - 10%
WEEK 1 - 5%
Token distribution:
60% - ICO
11% - Pre ICO
8% - Bounty & Lottery
8% - Development Fund
6% - Founders
4% - Team
3% - Advisors
Funds allocation:
40% - System, Technical Development, and Staff, IT
35% - Marketing and Business Development
15% - Operations, Legal and Customer Support
10% - Other Operation

CoinStarter Roadmap

May 2017

Emergence of idea and software development begins

July 2017 Alpha-Version (16,000 members)

November 2017

Members Exclusive Holiday Sale Begins on Black Friday
(100,000+ members)

December 6 2017

Pre-ICO Starts

December 26 2017

Public Sale Starts and distribution of StarterCoins to backers

January 25 2018

Public Sale Ends

February 1 2018

StarterCoin available for trading on exchanges

February 15 2018

Full Launch of CoinStarter Platform

Q2 2018

Launch of CoinStarter Labs. Our research and development department committed to develop breakthrough blockchain technologies

Q3 2018

CoinStarter Platform Integrates it's own Exchange

Q4 2018

Drag and Drop Smart Contract Builder by CoinStarter Labs


CoinStarter Continues to Innovate

Project team

Cornell Holloway
Cornell Holloway
Founder & CEO
Cornell Holloway linkedin
Cal Evans
Cal Evans
ICO Compliance Attorney
Cal Evans linkedin
Peter Shuper
Peter Shuper
Financial Market Advisor
Peter Shuper linkedin
Balazs Kelemen
Balazs Kelemen
Lead Developer
Balazs Kelemen linkedin
Manny Bailey
Manny Bailey
Chief Marketing Strategist
Manny Bailey linkedin
John Chung
John Chung
Asia Market Specialist
John Chung linkedin
Michael Brockhoff
Michael Brockhoff
Growth Expert
Michael Brockhoff linkedin
Tamas Oltman
Tamas Oltman
Advisor of Payment Innovations
Tamas Oltman linkedin
Tamas Oltman
Tamas Oltman
Advisor of Payment Innovations
Tamas Oltman linkedin

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