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ComBox is a mining ecosystem.

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Project industryMining
Product typeEcosystem

What is ComBox

ComBox Technology undertakes to establish a production line of containers for mining and science intensive calculations with immersion cooling. CBP token allows you to take part in the industry mining, which replaces the house mining. CBP token gives investors the right to receive full payouts as a result of our own mining transactions.


Pre-sales: Sep 01, 2018 - Oct 31, 2018
Public sales: Nov 01, 2018 - Nov 30, 2018
Soft cap: 39,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 45,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Russian Federation

Token info

Ticker: CBP
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 CBP = 0.44044 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 CBP = 0.002 ETH
Accepted currencies: BTCETH
Bonus program:
Private Sale - discount 30%
PreSale - discount 20%
CrowdSale 1 - discount 15%
CrowdSale 2 - discount 10%
CrowdSale 3 - discount 5%
Token distribution:
3% Bounty
80% Investors
10% Founders and Team
7% Reserve

ComBox Roadmap

Q1 2017

We have developed and implemented the expansion SMART PCI-6

Q4 2017

We have developed and built the container with air cooling ComBox A-480 ? 480 cards AMD RX570 inside

Q1 2018

The analysis of the solutions was carried out on air cooling and science work concerning optimization and increasing of density of graphics cards for industrial mining and science intensive projects. The module SMART IC-6 has been developed for systems of immersion colling 6 GPU

Q4 2018

We are collecting new container with liquid cooling ComBox IC-960 based on our solutions SMART IC-6 now. Plan putting into operation of the container is 4 quarter of 2018.
R&D of ComBox Technology is developing the software based on MPI under Linux with the remote loading for realization of the system of parallel calculations.

Q2 2019

There will be development and production of specialized graphics cards with improved productivity for the systems of immersion cooling

Q3 2019

The organization and launch of own solo mining pool for CBP token’s holders

Q1 2020

The organization and launch of highincome multi-currency external pool for the CBP token’s holders and other participants

Project team

Aleksandr Pankratov
Aleksandr Pankratov
Founder, CEO and Seed Investor
Aleksandr Pankratov linkedin
Dmitriy Elagin
Dmitriy Elagin
Founder, CTO and Seed Investor
Dmitriy Elagin linkedin
Dmitriy Rytvinskiy
Dmitriy Rytvinskiy
Co-founder, CFO
Dmitriy Rytvinskiy linkedin
Ilya Dushin
Ilya Dushin
Chief crypto officer
Valery Turchaninov
Valery Turchaninov
Product director
Olga Kurnickaya
Olga Kurnickaya
Legal department
Ruslan Dreval
Ruslan Dreval
Social economics department
Andrey Oleksuk
Andrey Oleksuk
Localization project manager & traffic manager
Christina Muraviova
Christina Muraviova
Information design
Julia Kishenkova
Julia Kishenkova
Information design
Mariya Guryeva
Mariya Guryeva
Project manager
Natalya Spiridonova
Natalya Spiridonova
Content manager
Ruslan Strelnikov
Ruslan Strelnikov
Backend developer
Andrey Martyanov
Andrey Martyanov
Head designer
Natalia Mustafina
Natalia Mustafina
Graphic and web-designer

Social media

ComBox web-siteComBox MediumComBoxYouTubeComBox TelegramComBox InstagramComBox TwitterComBox Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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