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Unifying the cross-chain trading experience by allowing you to swap and bridge across EVERY major network from one single platform!

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What is CrossSwap

After being involved in over 100 IDOs and seeing all the issues projects encounter when launching, the BlueZilla team has developed a way to solve every major issue in one DEX.

  • Project pre-launch staging area
  • Projects can pre-add liquidity and schedule the launch time, allowing projects to review the data and make edits before going live. No more delays or incorrect launch variables.
  • Token claim distribution setup
  • Project can set every wallet that requires tokens before launch day and schedule the release. The users can then claim after the scheduled adding of liquidity. No more delayed token distributions.
  • Automatic liquidity locking
  • When a project adds liquidity, CrossSwap automatically locks the liquidity to help ensure the safety of project participants. Users can also see the amount and duration of the liquidity locked on the trading interface.
  • Proven anti-liquidity sniping methodology
  • CrossSwap will be integrated with the BlueZilla anti-bot methodology used successfully by BSCPad for over 40 launches. Projects can design their own whitelists that are public and on chain.
  • Built in front running deterrents
  • CrossSwap will use virtual rates to make front running unprofitable, discouraging front running, ensuring users get the most out of every trade.


    IDO (BSCPad Launchpad): Aug 27, 2021 - Aug 27, 2021
    IDO (KCCPad Launchpad): Aug 27, 2021 - Aug 27, 2021
    IDO (ETHPad Launchpad): Aug 27, 2021 - Aug 27, 2021
    Token supply: 500,000,000 CSWAP


    Registration year: 2021

    Token info

    Ticker: CSWAP
    Token price in USD: 1 CSWAP = 0.01 USD
    Token distribution:
    Team - 12%
    Advisors - 7%
    Liquidity - 10%
    Ecosystem - 10%
    Reserve - 5%
    Staking / Rewards - 45%
    Private Sale - 6%
    BSCPad Sale - 2%
    ETHPad Sale - 2%
    Airdrop - 1%

    CrossSwap Roadmap

    2021 Q4
    • Strategic investors & public sale IDO
    • Listing on Uniswap
    • v1 DEX: Binance Smart Chain
    • Liquidity Mining
    • Staking
    • Cross-chain bridge: Ethereum<>BSC
    • Liquidity Mining and Staking incentives
    2022 Q1
    • More swap pairs
    • More chains
    • More liquidity mining pairs
    • “Wrapped crypto”
    • New transaction and trading fee model for lower fees
    • Integrations with multiple Web3 wallets
    2022 Q2
    • Integration into CrossWallet

    Social media

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