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CryptalEX (CRD) ICO

Ongoing ICO
Dec 07, 2018 – Dec 07, 2019

CryptalEX is a localized Cryptocurrency Exchange for the East-European market, that is linked with the CryptalDash Ecosystem.

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Project industry Trading & Investing
Product type Cryptocurrency
Founded Ukraine
Technical details The CryptalDash Ecosystem consists of shared Infrastructure, Technology, Liquidity Pool, Matching Engine, OTC Institutional Trading Desk, Custodian Services and, most important, the (CRD) Exchange Utility Token. The core use case for (CRD) Tokens is Exchange trading fee discounts. CRD tokens provide users with a 50% discount on trading fees at As a token holder, you will be happy to know that more localised exchanges will begin operating in 2019, which will collectively drive demand for the central exchange token (CRD)


What is CryptalEx

CryptalEx is the local representation of CryptalDash, a robust crypto exchange and trading platform equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third-party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities. We are focused on the East European market and we are a platform that unites traditional finance and cryptocurrencies using an improved interface to give platform users amazing user experience. We enable bank deposits and withdrawals in local currencies (of east European countries) and we follow local regulations to dutifully deliver to the best of our abilities


  • Access First
  • Support the mass adoption of digital assets by making trading locally and across platforms an intuitive experience. This is achieved by offering a user-friendly, robust tool to trade, access, compare, and profit from digital assets.
  • We Bring Real Added Value to the Users by Providing:
  • Institutional grade trading platform and state of the art matching engine, Aggregating retail and institutional liquidity pools. Useful applications that will influence technology adoption rates, with tools and technologies to effectively integrate various platforms into one intuitive, familiar interface, tools for cross-platform, real-time execution. Artificial intelligence tools to support the decision-making process with data encryption and security. Our users will benefit from a near-perfect market, where the fees are low, money utilization is optimized, and the solutions are constantly up-to-date.
  • Familiarity, Vulgarization, and Usability
  • CryptalEx recognizes that while blockchain-enabled technologies offers obvious competitive advantages compared to traditional financial services, the available solutions still present major drawbacks when it comes to providing a multi-product platform—An important role that today’s traditional service providers play, as they offer a real, centralized, user-friendly experience. CryptalEx has identified that usability and low switch cost is essential to the development and rapid adoption. As such, we are engaging a number of strategic partnerships and alliances, more on these efforts will be communicated at a later stage of our implementation.

    Building CryptalEx

    We focus on three elements when executing our vision: User-Oriented, Usefulness, and Security. The CryptalEx management team has a proven track record in developing optimal synergies between these core elements. Prior to the CRD Membership token launch, CryptalEx has already developed crucial parts of these three elements, and has viable advancement in its technology.

    CryptalEx Technology

    CryptalEx technology will be available as a cross-platform and multi-device application. There will be a downloadable app available on IOS and Android, as well as desktop and tablet. As the technologies related to major component of our platforms are developing, we are building the ability to rapidly integrate such technologies , we believe that 3 major core components are in the process of disruption . Identity, Smart Contracts and AI technology.

    Being a local exchange, CryptalEx will be adopting the above technologies as soon as reliability in implementation is realized. Such adoption will affect the centralized nature of our exchange, evolving toward a decentralized model. Currently CryptalEx is built on a strong centralized architecture with a robust matching engine. We will be describing the technological component of our future, and present platform. The future of CryptalDash technology is based on these essential components:

  • Identity Validation technology based on the blockchain.
  • Smart contract applications on Ether.
  • AI technology enabling robot advisory and decision making
  • API Access to technologies
  • Our Distributed Framework

    Our distributed framework, called ‘Plasma’ is a distributed, scalable framework, service oriented based architecture. That allows us to extend the solution with add-ons to meet with new local market base development needs without the cost of a custom built solution. Such extensions may include:

  • Risk management
  • Smart order routing
  • Hedging
  • Simulation markets
  • Custom algos
  • Price distribution
  • We provide flexible plug-ins, web and mobile access, and push data widgets to allow you to be connected with, our prop crypto news enabling a live connection to market news and data.


    Token supply: 200,000,000 CRD
    Total tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 CRD
    Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 200,000,000 USD
    Raised: 1,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA
    Registration country: Ukraine
    Registration year: 2018
    Office address: Kyiv Ukraine

    Token info

    Ticker: CRD
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 CRD = 0.004 USD
    Token price in EUR: 1 CRD = 0.0035 EUR
    Token price in BTC: 1 CRD = 0.0096 BTC
    Token price in ETH: 1 CRD = 0.00026 ETH
    Token distribution:
    100% - Tokens are distributed onto the Exchange within 15 days of the regional token distribution event completion

    CryptalEX (CRD) ICO Roadmap

    Q3 2018

    Exchange Launch
    OTC Desk (Institutional Trading Platform)
    Public API Data Release
    Coin Listing Competition & Airdrops

    Q4 2018

    100 Coins Listed
    $8,000,000 + 24 Hour Volume
    Hyper-active Communities
    Integration of 3rd Party Exchanges
    Fiat currency Deposits and Withdrawals
    Trading Private API


    Local Regulation

    Q1 2019

    New User Interface
    200 Coins Listed
    Multi Language & 24/7 Support
    Affiliate Platform
    Forum Launched

    Q2 2019

    500 Coins Listed
    Mobile Wallet App
    Masternodes Go Live
    Crypto Debit Cards
    Android and iOS Apps
    Cross Exchange Arbitrage

    Project team

    Founder and Managing Director in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 1
    Founder and Managing Director
    Chief Engineering in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 2
    Chief Engineering
    Chief Marketing Officer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 3
    Chief Marketing Officer
    OTC Desk Trading Advisory in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 4
    OTC Desk Trading Advisory
    Trading Automation Specialist in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 5
    Trading Automation Specialist
    Designer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 6
    Trading System Engineer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 7
    Trading System Engineer
    Business Analyst in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 8
    Business Analyst
    Content Manager in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 9
    Content Manager
    Front-End Developer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 10
    Front-End Developer
    Front-End Developer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 11
    Front-End Developer
    Recruitment  Specialist  and Office Administration Support in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 12
    Recruitment Specialist and Office Administration Support
    Back-End Developer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 13
    Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 14
    Back-End Developer
    HR Manager in CryptalEX (CRD) ICO - 15
    HR Manager

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram LinkedIn Twitter

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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