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Q&A: Token Generation Events (TGE)

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, TRON, BNB, Ethereum… If taken back to a few years ago, most people couldn’t figure out what these acronyms and names mean. Anyway, the number of crypto-initiated people having a command of investor and crypto enthusiast terminology, has been growing year by year. Some keep in step…

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earn cryptocurrency

Without leaving the room. How to earn cryptocurrency without investments.

If you have already reviewed all movies, re-cleaned the house several times on self-isolation, but still did not entered the cryptocurrency industry, we suggest the ways that will help to earn digital money without investments. Avoid mining and trading You will face risks and financial losses by mining and trading.…

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Crowdfunding for Blockchain Startups: ICOs, STOs, IEOs

How do I get funding for my crypto project? ICO / STO / IEO / ETO / DAICO What cryptocurrencies you should look at this year and what countries keep on driving the crypto momentum. For a crypto startup, knowing what route to take for their crypto project is key.…

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myetherwallet mew

MyEtherWallet Review (MEW V5) Ethereum’s Original Web Wallet

How to Save Funds on MyEtherWallet (MEW) – Step-by-Step Guide Anyone who owns crypto tokens needs an efficient and reliable digital wallet to keep them safe. MyEtherWallet lives up to the task and is relied on by millions of users, to help them hedge and manage their funds. In this…

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What Influences the Value of Cryptocurrencies?

The value of cryptocurrencies is known for being wild and unpredictable. From one day to another, the value of any given cryptocurrency can easily swing over 30%. This is true even for larger networks such as Bitcoin. Yes, the BTC price is known to be changing significantly. So what drives…

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China changes its attitude to cryptocurrency – Will this affect the market?

China is a big player in the crypto world and its relation to cryptos has been a love-hate one. The country has nothing but honest intentions, and people understand that up to a certain extent. Namely, Chinese authorities fear that cryptocurrencies could be a fertile ground for various money laundering…

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trezor wallet

Trezor Model T Review: Hardware Wallet by SatoshiLabs

Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Keep Your Bitcoins Safe People who store their cryptocurrency on the virtual accounts, crypto exchanges or used electronic crypto wallets are now losing their money. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Some recent examples are the security breach at Cryptopia exchange, fund losses at QuadrigaCX and…

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Bitcoin Positions

When to Sell Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin Positions

Is it a good time to sell cryptocurrencies? Should you sell right now or should you hold on while they bounce back? The cryptocurrencies are crashing very fast, but it is also happening with stocks. It’s always happening when the markets are crashing. Today’s average investor, looking at large losing…

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History of Bitcoin (BTC)

The History of Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology [Infographic]

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology Blockchain Technology — This technology has the potential to influence many other industries across the world, promising this new age of customer trust and optimization. Bitcoin has a great success story in this decade, and the coin was trading for…

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Why Investors Should Avoid The Cryptocurrency

Today, we will talk to the man who is now famous and powerful. His name is Dennis Gartner. He is a publisher and editor read by virtually anyone who is on Wall Street. — Corporate profits are really strong now. Does that mean this rally continues? — I think this…

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