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CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO

Past ICO
Oct 30, 2018 – Nov 30, 2018

CryptoCurve’s mission is to accelerate the positive global impact of blockchain technology through an ecosystem of user-experience-driven products and programs that help individual investors, software developers, and corporate entrepreneurs achieve their goals with blockchain technology. Our vision is to be the world’s blockchain front-end solutions leader and a preeminent global thought leader in the blockchain industry.

CryptoCurve’s first product – the Curve Wallet – is the first step toward achieving this mission. As the ‘Front-End’ of Wanchain and Browser to Blockchain, the Curve Wallet enables anyone in the world to seamlessly interact with all their digital assets, across different technologies and systems. Future products will include CurveSDK, a software development kit (SDK), that allows developers to share standard tools to easily build and create new blockchain applications on the CryptoCurve platform.

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Hype score Medium
Risk score High
Investment rating Risky- CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO icobench 4.3 / 5 CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO icomarks 8.3 / 10 CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO trackico 4.6 / 5 CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO icoholder 3.7 / 5
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Project industry Blockchain Infrastructure
Product type App
Founded United Kingdom


CryptoCurve wallet platform will dedicate its functions to easy crypto funds management, market analytics, ICO investing, trading and security. CryptoCurve additionally provides for new user experience regarding cryptocurrency spending while on the go.
  • Voting rights - all CURV holders get to vote on which ICOs are suitable for CURVE to pursue.
  • Discounts - token holders get to earn discounts on ICOs featured on CURVE and payments using CURV tokens.
  • Pooling - CURV allows for token holders to create and run smart contracts pools if they have the CURV token limits.
  • Burning - the burning system with CryptoCurve tokens will happen quarterly to ensure scarcity and possibly high price.
  • Staking - CURV token users will receive free airdrops from ICOs once they lock up their coins in a staking plan.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 415,000,000 CURV
Total tokens for sale: 207,500,000 CURV
Hard cap: 16,000,000 USD
Raised: 13,000,000 USD


ICO Platform: Wanchain
Country limitations: Canada, China, United States
Registration country: United Kingdom

Token info

Ticker: CURV
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: WRC20
Token price in USD: 1 CURV = 0.20 USD
Accepted currencies: WAN
Bonus program:
The private pre-sale round is currently ongoing with 25% bonuses,
which will be locked up and released initially at a rate of 25%,
and then at a rate of 20% per month for 5 months.
There is no bounty program for the CryptoCurve project.
Token distribution:
50% will be allocated to the sale of tokens (both the pre-sale and public sale)
35% for the CryptoCurve foundation
15% for the team and advisors.

CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO Roadmap

Q3 2017

CryptoCurve was conceptualized

Q3 2017

Uncapped ETH ICO pooling

Q2 2018

CURV public token sale.

Q2 2018

Basic wallet functionality on Curve main site.

Q3 2018

Allow custom pooling for Wanchain ICOs

Q3 2018

Allow users to participate in ICOs directly from wallet.

Q4 2018

Cross-chain functionality.
Ethereum ICO pooling on Curve
Allow users to track their assets on the Curve platform.

Q1 2019

Cross-chain trading on the Curve platform
Allow users to liquidate percentages of their portfolio automatically into BTC ETH or a stable coin.

Q2 2019

Allow users to purchase cryptocurrency directly through mobile application with bank account or credit card.

Project team

CEO in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 1
Joshua Halferty
CFO in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 2
Xander YI
Architecture in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 3
Andrew Kerrison
Creator Of Experience in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 4
Alex Lenart
Creator Of Experience
Blockchain Infastructure Engineer in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 5
Andre Cronje
Blockchain Infastructure Engineer
Web/Mobile Engineer in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 6
Anton Nell
Web/Mobile Engineer
Security in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 7
Sean Mcgurk
Marketing & Partnerships in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 8
Benn Godenzi
Marketing & Partnerships
Marketing & Operations in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 9
Anna Santayana
Marketing & Operations
Enterprise Development in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 10
Paul Landingin
Enterprise Development


 in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 11
Dustin Byington
 in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 12
Mark Ashelford
 in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 13
Rajesh Gopi
 in CryptoCurve (CURV) ICO - 14
Addison Huegel

Social media

Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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