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Past ICO
Oct 15, 2018 – Jan 15, 2019

The CYO Token is designed as a utility token and entitles the owner to purchase and use future licences and therefore towards the value of the intellectual property of the “CLEAN LOOP” technology. Those licenses will be needed to set up “CLEAN LOOP Plants” all over the world – and they will be available exclusively with CYO tokens.

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Risk score NA
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Project industry Environmental Services
Product type Technology


Cleyond is a company with a real product offering a solution to an urgent environmental problem. The primary goal of token sale is to establish mechanisms for Cleyond to efficiently execute its vision: ‘a scalable solution to a global problem: plastic waste’ and to align the interest of CYO token holders with the interests of the team. When user purchases CYO tokens he supports a relevant solution to a big problem (plastic waste) and shows his engagement for the environment as well as CleanTech technologies through his personalized branded CYO token.

ICO Details

Pre-ICO token supply: 2,500,000
ICO token supply: 22,500,000


Registration country: Germany
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: CYO
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 CYO = 2.4 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Early Adopter Discount:
Pre-Sale: 85%
Main Sale: 80%
Token distribution:
90% - Main Sale
10% - Presale

CYO Token ICO Roadmap

Project team

CEO in CYO Token ICO - 1
Andreas Nold
Head of Supervisory Board in CYO Token ICO - 2
Jürgen Pfister
Head of Supervisory Board
Head of Procurement in CYO Token ICO - 3
Tamer Baliklavayan
Head of Procurement
Bio-Chem and Waste Stream Management Expert in CYO Token ICO - 4
Hans-Jürgen Gnam
Bio-Chem and Waste Stream Management Expert
Special Engineering in CYO Token ICO - 5
Renè Gloor
Special Engineering

Social media

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User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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