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Past ICO
Nov 01, 2018 – Dec 10, 2018

Data Choice takes control of users’ personal data. Users’ data is used virtually every second they are online, to target them with ads.

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Project industry Marketing & Advertising
Product type Platform


Data Choice is a blockchain-based solution designed to streamline personal data management and control. Users will be able to employ a data wizard to choose the data they want to share and get rewarded. They will also be able to choose the ads they want to see. The Data Choice system will match them with advertising campaigns. Advertisers will benefit from automated programmatic solution and publishers can get reduced fees.

The team is issuing an ERC20 DCT token that will be used for rewards, fee payments, etc.

ICO Details

Soft cap: 7,500,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 65,000,000 USD(fiat)


ICO Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: DCT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 DCT = 0.00488356 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH BTC USD
Token distribution:
38.24% - Available During The Token Sale
12.06% - For Early Adopters, referrals & Air Drops
10.7% - To Agency Acquisition, Accelerator Opportunities Partnerships
15% - Strategic Partners Including Bancor
7% - Advisory Team To Be Vested Over 12 Months With An Initial 6 Month Freeze
6% - Team & Vested Over 3 Years With A 6 Month Initial Freeze
6% - Original Team Vested Over 18 Months With A 6 Month Initial Freeze
5% - Reward Individuals Submitting Their Data.
Funds allocation:
R&D 9%: Will Be Used On Completion Of Our Platforms
Staffing 5%: Will Be Used On Our Staffing Levels
Events 3%: Will Be Allocated To Our Marketing Events To Acquire Clients Other
Costs 2%: Allocated To Cover Unforeseen Costs Legal & Professional
Fees 6%: This Includes A Proportion Of The Due Diligence Checks On Our Acquisitions
Acquisition Of Agencies 31%: To Be Used To Acquire Designated Digital Agencies
Marketing 5%: To Cover Our Marketing Costs For User Data & Clients
Reserve 39%: This Fund Will Then Be Used & Added To In Coming Years For Further Acquisitions

Data Choice ICO Roadmap

Q1 2017 - Q2 2018

Initial Project Conception, Team Building, & Industry Feedback.

Q2-Q4 2018

Platform Development.

Q3-Q4 2018

DCT Token Sale;
User Data Platform Launch;
Platform BETA Testing.

Q1 2019

Platform Roll Out.

Q2 2019

Agency Acquisition;
Launch In US.

Q4 2019

First Annual Profit Share.

Q2 2020

Further Agency Acquisition.

Q3 2020

Further Agency Acquisition;
APAC Region Launch.

Project team

Founder & Managing Director in Data Choice ICO - 1
Andrew Bruce
Founder & Managing Director
Account Strategist in Data Choice ICO - 2
Graza Garlewicz
Account Strategist
Business Development in Data Choice ICO - 3
David French
Business Development
Head of Digital in Data Choice ICO - 4
Will Levitt
Head of Digital
PR, Design & Technical Account Manager in Data Choice ICO - 5
Gemma Piedrafita Parra
PR, Design & Technical Account Manager


Blockchain & Investments Advisor in Data Choice ICO - 6
James Collins
Blockchain & Investments Advisor
Blockchain & Investments Advisor in Data Choice ICO - 7
Boyan Josic
Blockchain & Investments Advisor
Technical & AI Advisor in Data Choice ICO - 8
Randy Clemens
Technical & AI Advisor
FinTech Advisor in Data Choice ICO - 9
Graham Doggart
FinTech Advisor

Social media

Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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