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At DeCredit, ever-growing DeFi powers are employed to support more available funds for individuals and entities.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeProtocol

What is DeCredit

DeCredit is a Defi 2.0 protocol that empowers the DeFi market by introducing the credit loan models, that is, linking credit authentication nodes and credit Oracle to lending products, on the premise of existing encrypted collateralized loan models, with a view to progressively reduce and finally eliminate collaterals, enabling staggered resource allocation and enabling the blockchain paradigm to inclusively enable the traditional financial lending sector. By doing this, Discredit leverages the tremendous momentum generated by DeFi to provide liquidity support to a wider range of entities and individuals.


IDO (DuckStarter Launchpad): Sep 22, 2021 - Sep 22, 2021


Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: CDTC
Token distribution:
Ecosystem development - 25%
Staking and yield farming - 20%
Marketing and community Treasury - 12%
Team/Advisors/Employees - 20%
Token Sale - 18%
Airdrop treasury - 5%

DeCredit Roadmap

Q3 2021

We have finished development of DeCredit Loan (Collateralized) and we are deploying and testing it on BSC testate. We will deliver a solo DeCredit rating system with DeCredit Scoring algorithm.

Q4 2021

We will integrate DeCredit credit loan module into the collateralized loan. We will expand our credit loan to more real world scenarios. (To cooperate with a real estate project)

1st half 2022

We will build up a privacy solution and run DeCredit Scoring algorithm in a trustable environment. We will build up a distributed storage solution. We will build our decentralized credit oracle with node and oracle aggregators.

2st half 2022

We will offer each of our user a distributed ID and count his on-chain credit data into DeCredit Oracle’s rating as well.

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