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DeFi Summit – DAO Consensus Summit [13 – 16 October 2020]

Decentralized Finance Global Summit 2020 is a four-day online conference with 40+ global experts sharing their knowledge about the future of the fast growing decentralized finance industry. The Summit will be held from 13 till 16 of October, 2020.

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DeFi Global Summit is an excellent chance to connect, learn and network with some of the brightest people in the decentralized finance market. Through various formats we will create the most personal networking experience you can get online.

The next world-class speakers will attend the event: entrepreneurs, investors, traders, academics, economists, regulators and marketers.

The themes of the conference will be on the following topics: DeFi, DAO, venture capital, market-making, 2020 projects, global tokenization, real estate asset tokenization, yield farming.

Conference Emcees: Max Sky, Eugene Romanenko, Sergey Sevantsyan, Catherine Ross

Conference speakers

  • Felix Mago, Dash NEXT Co-Founder
  • Kyle Chasse, CEO of Master Ventures, founder of cryptocurrency & blockchain industry
  • Nik Anikin, CEO of Colibri Group, Co-founder Coindar, Astral KKM, Virakass. Partner ARPA, Bella Protocol, Waltonchain.
  • Yan Khavanskiy, CEO of, Co founder Colibri Group, CVO Bingbon Russia & CIS.
  • Giacomo Zucco, Founder and CEO of BHBnetwork
  • Felix Xu, Co founder & CEO of ARPA, Bella Protocol.
  • Yemu Xu, Co founder of ARPA, Bella Protocol
  • Shawn Lau, HBTC, Head of Russia & CIS. Member of the Board of Directors of ABCC Exchange
  • Oleg Ivanov, founder and CEO of the InvestBazar Fund, co-founder of CryptoBazar
  • Sergei Khitrov, founder and CEO of Listing.Help and Blockchain life
  • Daniyar Daka, team member and main trader of Top Traders
  • Marie Tatibouet, CMO at
  • Polezhaev Grigory, leading UT trader, investor, blogger
  • Arutyun Nazaryan, founder of Bistox Exchange and Morningstar Solutions LLC.
  • Victoria Wang, the Region Director of HotBit Exchange, Co-Founder of VKblock, Representative Colibri Group in China.
  • Jack Ge, Managing Director of CyberVein


The general partner of the conference is Pons. The special partner of the conference is blockchain consulting company Colibri Group & cryptocurrency calendar №1 in the world As well as platinum and gold partners such as: the world’s first privacy-preserving computation network based on Multi-party Computation ARPA, the global leader in blockchain and Internet of Things WaltonChain, CyberVein, Algorand, the cryptocurrency exchanges Bingbon, HotBit, and the acclaimed DeFi project  – Bella Protocol, which has raised $4 million in seed funding.

Media partners

  • CryptoPanik
  • Age of Crypto
  • Magic Trade
  • CryptoZ Community
  • AltcoinLog
  • SkyPortal
  • Prometheus
  • LRG Trade
  • Golden Cross
  • Go1denCross
  • Mirai Team
  • ListedOn
  • Gorgon Gecko and more.

The first 2 days of the Summit will be fully in English.

The official language of the 3rd and 4th days will be Russian.

First day of the conference is open for all the registered participants. The participation in the second and following days will be available to the “All access pass” package participants only; also they will be invited into a closed group for the networking after party.

Conference organizer is DAO Consensus – a decentralized global business community where each member gets a share from the entire network profits. DAO is based on smart-contracts where each transaction is transparent and each member can influence community decisions by voting.

All the participants get into the DAO Consensus intranet portal upon the registration. You can find the listing of participants there and communicate with anyone you need. Also, you can become a member of DAO Consensus.

The co-organizer of the DeFi Global Summit 2020 is Gooooup.

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