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Apr 01, 2019 – May 31, 2019

East2 is the first blockchain provider to disrupt the global airline loyalty model for both airlines and travellers alike. It\’s Air Loyalty Plus program can stand-alone, replace, enhance, or be integrated on a modular basis with current airline loyalty points/miles programs.

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Project industry Travel & Tourism
Product type Service
Founded Hong Kong

What is East2

The program is designed to allow travellers to easily manage and redeem their hard-earned rewards, whilst reducing costs and adding significant ancillary revenue streams for airlines.

Benefits for travellers

If you are an airline Traveller – welcome aboard:


  • Can be redeemed for any flight.
  • Don’t expire.
  • Can be bought and sold without restriction.
  • Bonus Reward EDOS can be earned through Action Projects.
  • Retain value and are non-inflationary due to their limited supply.
  • Offers more relevant travel products and service offerings in the eco-system.
  • Promotes a better traveller experience.
  • Are awarded and redeemable almost immediately.
  • Benefits for airlines

    Participating in the East2 Air Loyalty Plus program:

  • Strengthens the loyalty of travellers.
  • Generate meaningful traveller engagement and recognition.
  • Reduces liabilities.
  • Provide end-to-end traveller visibility and intent.
  • Give the ability to deliver curated product offerings to travellers.
  • No ‘black-out’ redemption travel periods.
  • No complicated redemption rules and restrictions.
  • Generates new ancillary revenues.
  • Reduces operating costs, structures and processes.

    East2’s blockchain-based Air Loyalty Plus program addresses critical issues for airlines and their loyal Flyers by capitalising on the benefits and flexibility that digital tokens offers over the current points/miles based programs.

    It should also be noted that our Air Loyalty Plus booking process can operate totally independently to an airlines loyalty program as bonus tokens in this program are generated and distributed through smart contracts and need not be associated with a loyalty program.

    The program offers a modular structure based on a dual token model, which can be used by airlines to offer a new loyalty experience for travellers:

  • EDOS - Air Loyalty Plus Tokens.
  • EDOS self-brand - Airline Tokens.
  • EDOS self-brand airline tokens are issued under an airlines unique digital token code and can be used within their own eco-system for their travellers to buy flights and travel-related goods and services. EDOS self-brand airline tokens will be EDOS “Service Issued Tokens” that ensures the credentials of all EDOS self-brand tokens are compliant and can also operate within the EDOS and other EDOS self-brand token eco-systems.

    East2’s Air Loyalty Plus platform manages all the underlying technology for the airline, allowing airline clients to self-manage their preferred suppliers and flyers within their new eco-system through East2’s E2DX (digital token exchange).

    Airlines have the option to utilise EDOS as their award tokens. For this option East2 can manage the loyalty needs on behalf of the airline and within the East2 and/or airline ecosystem of suppliers.

    In both options the benefit for airlines and their flyers is their ability (if desired) to have access to both eco-systems to enable better flyer offerings and increased engagement.

    Air Loyalty Plus’ modular approach allows for example the ability for an airline to create an exclusive and aspirational top tier status that provides all the flexibility and benefits, whilst still operating alongside their existing reward programs.

    EDOS holders may receive EDOS self-brand tokens for each airline deployment. The option exists for airlines to allow their EDOS self-brand tokens to be exchanged for EDOS, which are interoperable for a wider range of airline and travel-related goods and services, or can be traded on a crypto exchange for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT (cash), providing greater value and flexibility for travellers. This relieves the current pressure on airlines to manage competing priorities of value delivery and recognition, with the growing liability of unused points/miles on their balance sheet.

    The creation of this unique EDOS and EDOS self-brand digital loyalty token complemented by smart contracts creates a decentralised eco-system, which increases the ability for airlines to offer an expanded range of ancillary products and services to better meet their travellers’ end-to-end travel needs. These services will offer airlines new revenue streams and reduced operating costs, whilst also rewarding and recognising travellers, with the ability to award bonus tokens for activities such as sharing their travel intentions and credentials.

    When a hotel joins the airline’s token eco-system, travellers will be able to redeem their loyalty tokens to purchase a hotel room. Travellers will pay using their EDOS or EDOS selfbrand tokens. Smart contracts will identify the nature of the transaction and automatically distributing bonus tokens to the traveller and other token holders (including the airline), and direct the balance to the hotel. No back office reconciliation is required, and blockchain guarantees the integrity of the transaction. This means significant reduction in costs both for airlines and eco-system suppliers, as well as tangible and desirable benefits for the Flyer to access a reward they actually need and want.


    Pre-sales: Feb 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019
    Public sales: Apr 01, 2019 - May 31, 2019
    Token supply: 2,400,000,000 EDOS
    Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 16,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Hong Kong

    Token info

    Ticker: EDOS
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in ETH: 1 EDOS = 0.0000238 ETH
    Accepted currencies: USD, ETH
    Token distribution:
    Marketing & Communications - 15%
    Operations - 15%
    Business Development & Partnerships - 15%
    Development - 50%
    Legal & Compliance - 5%
    Funds allocation:
    Staff & Contributors - 18%
    Reserve - Allances & Partners - 20%
    Private & Token Sale - 60%
    Pool - Advisors & Consultants - 2%

    East2 Roadmap

    June 2016

    East2 Business Plan and Market Opportunity confirmed.

    August 2016

    Chinese Airline Strategic Digital Consulting Contract starts.

    October 2016

    East2 Limited established Hong Kong.

    March 2017

    Core Tech Team from EB2 re-engaged.

    June 2017

    Core Platform Architecture designed

    August 2017

    Successfully Completed Chinese Airline Strategic Consulting Contract.

    October 2017

    Early commercialisation discussions started.

    December 2017

    East2 Barcelona established.

    January 2018

    MoU signed with Cover_More a leading international travel insurance company now owned by Zurich Insurance.

    March 2018

    Development team in Europe established.

    May 2018

    Insurance proof-of-concept (PoC) developed directly linked into British Airways NDC digital innovation data hub and CoverMore’s database.

    June 2018

    East2 Pte Ltd Singapore established

    July 2018

    Partnership agreement with PI Solution a successful China based airline software company (complimentary solutions).
    East2’s E2App (Traveller App) demonstrable product design.

    August - September 2018

    EDOS Private Sale.
    Roadshow Hong Kong and Singapore.
    East2 Traveller App architecture & UX design.

    September - October 2018

    EDOS Pre-Sale.
    Asia Roadshow - Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea.
    E2App proof-of-concept build starts.
    Expand Blockchain development and business development teams in Europe.
    E2Ancillary build ongoing.

    November - December 2018

    EDOS Token Sale.
    E2App, E2Wallet, E2DX design and architecture commences.
    E2Ancillary build ongoing.

    Q1 2019

    Products Advertising and Marketing commences.
    EDOS token listed on exchange(s).
    E2App beta release (closed user group)
    Production activation of launch partners in high priority
    segments: airline, transport, accommodation and insurance.

    Q2 2019

    Public launch of integrated EDOS platform: E2Apps, E2Wallet,E2Ancillary and E2DX.
    Expansion of partner activations in high priority segments.
    Group and Booking Bonus tokens.
    E2Ancillary enhanced with NDC Aggregator certification.

    Q3 2019

    Community-enabled integration and activations of new partners.
    Expand segments e.g. retail/duty free, etc.
    Travel Intent Bonus tokens including personalised offers from partners.
    Traveller profile synchronisation with partner/loyalty accounts.
    Traveller self-service of active trips e.g. rebooking and upgrades

    Q4 2019

    Action Projects release 1 (Market research projects)
    Personalised, assisted trip disruption handling
    EDOS API - enabling integration of EDOS into Airline own apps,support for 3rd party “Dapps”
    W2App automated assistant including support for partner chatbots/agents

    Project team

    Stephen Bartlett-Bragg
    Stephen Bartlett-Bragg
    Co-Founder and Executive Director Commercial
    John Edginton
    John Edginton
    Co-Founder and Executive Director Operations
    Laurence Leung
    Laurence Leung
    General Manager Asia
    David Leek
    David Leek
    Senior Director Airline Consulting
    David Turton
    David Turton
    CTO and Technology Lead
    Tomasz Korwin-Gajkowski
    Tomasz Korwin-Gajkowski
    Chief Blockchain Lead


    Director Singapore & Board Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 7
    Steve Puckett
    Director Singapore & Board Advisor
    Board and Airline Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 8
    Ray Grainger
    Board and Airline Advisor
    Board and Airline Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 9
    Jenny Lourey
    Board and Airline Advisor
    Strategic Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 10
    Angela Wright MBE
    Strategic Advisor
    Chief Legal Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 11
    Dr. Alexander Ressos
    Chief Legal Advisor
    Chief Compliance Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 12
    Moreen Tai
    Chief Compliance Advisor
    Platform Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 13
    John Underwood
    Platform Advisor
    Software Development Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 14
    Scott Darrow
    Software Development Advisor
    Airline Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 15
    Brett McDougall
    Airline Advisor
    Business Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 16
    Susan Shing
    Business Advisor
    Blockchain Platform Technical Architect in East2 (EDOS) - 17
    Paul Neilson
    Blockchain Platform Technical Architect
    Smart Contract Solutions Advisor in East2 (EDOS) - 18
    Nigel Gardener
    Smart Contract Solutions Advisor

    Social media

    Web-site Medium: East2 (EDOS) YouTube: East2 (EDOS) Telegram: East2 (EDOS) Instagram: East2 (EDOS) LinkedIn: East2 (EDOS) Twitter: East2 (EDOS) Facebook: East2 (EDOS)

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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