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Eight Hours Token (EHrT)

8Hours Foundation is empowering a blockchain ecosystem of people who connect with each other through meaningful play. The ecosystem uses the Eight Hours Token (EHrT) as a utility token that facilitates social play with platform-level features. The Foundation serves to build a community consisting of Game Developers & Publishers, Players, Manufacturers, Collectors and Token Holders.

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What is Eight Hours Token

The first 8Hours product is an innovative board-game console that allows physical game pieces to interact with digital games using RFID called PlayTable. This allows for a whole new world of possibilities where physical objects can be imbued with digital context making possible new game mechanics, ownership tracking and user customization.


Public sales: Jul 01, 2019 - Jul 02, 2019
Token supply: 2,600,000,000


Registration country: Cayman Islands

Token info

Ticker: EHrT
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
Total Supply and Distribution: 10,000,000,000
EHrTs will be used by the 8Hours Foundation for furthering ecosystem growth. The distribution of tokens is as follows:
~26%- 30% of tokens in initial circulation released after NTI, of which ~20% will be private sale, and ~10% will be community and public sale
25% for grants and promotional use
15% business development and marketing for publisher and IP owner onboarding
10% team (locked up and on a two-year vesting schedule)
5% advisors and strategic partners
5% initial developer EHrT Exchange Service pool (Game Developers)~10%~15% reserve

Eight Hours Token Roadmap

Q2 2019

Partnership with CREAMethod
Join VeChainThor Blockchain community.
Hardware development finished.
RFID technology tuned.
Manufacturing processes set up.
Electrical components & controlling software integrated.
Mechanical engineering and tooling complete.
Private Sale.

Q3 2019

Alpha Testing and integration into PlayTable.
Framework for building games complete.
Design specifications and guidelines for games complete.
Public Sale, Mint Token, Distribute Token.

Q4 2019

Core user-facing software platform complete.
Development for launch library of games.
Partnership with publishers for game IP.

Q1 2020

Production release of core features and launch to users.
First game launched on network using PlayTable.

Q3 2020

Release of several original games from 3rd party game studios.
SDKs available for 3rd party game development.
Growing the 3rd party developer ecosystem.
PlayTable available globally.

Q2 2022

Pursue AAA IP partnerships.
Collaboration with enterprise partners.
Continue growth-oriented business development.

Project team

John Lyle Dempsey
John Lyle Dempsey
Founding Director
John Lyle Dempsey linkedin
Shengjie Zhu
Shengjie Zhu
General Manager
Shengjie Zhu linkedin
Joe Brogno
Joe Brogno
Creative Director
Joe Brogno linkedin
Ye Deng
Ye Deng
Software Director
Ye Deng linkedin
Sherman Meredith
Sherman Meredith
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Sherman Meredith linkedin
Jiaqi Wang
Jiaqi Wang
SDK Architect
Jiaqi Wang linkedin
Sam Lee
Sam Lee
VP of HardwareAdvisors


Glen Schofield
Glen Schofield
Glen Schofield linkedin
Sean Barger
Sean Barger
Sean Barger linkedin
Kris Alexander
Kris Alexander
Kris Alexander linkedin

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