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Past ICO
Nov 19, 2018 – Dec 10, 2018

Enzym is a free mobile game that binds the virtual world to the real one. The player has to win challenges that will invite him to go to new places and discover new peoples.

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Project industry Gaming & VR
Product type App


Enzym is a free to play game inviting you to navigate between real world and virtual world. Fun challenges take the player to new places where he meets other users. Winning those challenges allows him to unlock new features and continue his ingame progress. Every challenge is different and can be played by 2 users or more, with strangers or friends, for a few hours or a few days. ZYM is the in-app currency (Ethereum token). Its transfer quality (by QR codes) is the guarantee of the IRL existence of every Enzym community member.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 650,000,000
Soft cap: 1,250ETH
Hard cap: 5,192,000 USD(fiat)


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: France
Registration year: 2017

Token info

Ticker: ZYM
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 ZYM = 0.00909674 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH BTC
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO - 15%
Token distribution:
65% - token sale
10% ​- advisors
10%​ - development of the platform’s ecosystem
10%​ - team
5%​ - members of the bounty program
Funds allocation:
40%​ - development of the Enzym platform, blockchain technology and smart contracts
25%​ - creation of quality content with a high potential for viral spread
18%​ - promotion of the community to venue owners, creation of an international token salesforce and support to ensure places of distribution are known
17%​ - legal fees, trademark filing, accounting fees, server fees, operating costs.

Enzym ICO Roadmap

S2 (2018)

ICO platform up and running.
Enzym prototype?: proof-of-concept of some parts of future user interactions Pre-sale: October 22 - November 5, 2018.
ICO: November 19 - December 10, 2018.

Q1 (2019)

Start of the development of the Enzym dApp.
Selection of a communication agency.
Start of the marketing of tokens to European venue owners.

Q2 (2019)

Enzym platform v1?: functional mobile app, data storage on servers.
Determination of the European marketing strategy.
Technical validation of the distribution of tokens via the newsletter and the QR code technology v1.

Q3 (2019)

Launch of an operational Enzym platform in French and English.
Start of promotional communication: media reports, content creation and diffusion, events in major cities in France and in the US.

Q4 (2019)

Enzym platform v2?: operational blockchain, user interactions through smart contracts,
end-to-end data encryption, decentralized user data.
Constitution of a European team for the sale of tokens.
Study and validation of technical solutions for the distribution of tokens in venues.

S1 (2020)

Enzym platform v2?: increased decentralization, near-serverless operation Translations, UX modifications : Russian, Spanish, Portuguese.
Promotion : Russia, Spain, Portugal, Latin America.

S2 (2020)

Translations, UX modifications and promotion : Indian, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Project team

Co-founder - CEO in Enzym ICO - 1
Yannick Barnel
Co-founder - CEO
Co-founder - CTO in Enzym ICO - 2
Sylvain Duchesne
Co-founder - CTO
Chief Marketing Officer in Enzym ICO - 3
Jeremy Coleman
Chief Marketing Officer
Artistic director in Enzym ICO - 4
Alfred Gautier
Artistic director
Software Engineer in Enzym ICO - 5
Théophile Batoz
Software Engineer
UI / UX designer in Enzym ICO - 6
Sophea Sock
UI / UX designer
Community Manager in Enzym ICO - 7
Kevin Fuks
Community Manager
Writer in Enzym ICO - 8
Octave Rolland
Community Manager in Enzym ICO - 9
Pauline Rochette
Community Manager
Community ManagerAdvisors in Enzym ICO - 10
Guillaume Larochette
Community ManagerAdvisors
Président - B2Expand in Enzym ICO - 11
Eric Burgel
Président - B2Expand
CEO - B2Expand in Enzym ICO - 12
Manon Burgel
CEO - B2Expand
CTO - B2Expand in Enzym ICO - 13
Rémi Burgel
CTO - B2Expand
Legal and financial advisor - Public accountant                        
 in Enzym ICO - 14
Nicolas Paillet
Legal and financial advisor - Public accountant
 in Enzym ICO - 15
 in Enzym ICO - 16


Président - B2Expand in Enzym ICO - 17
Eric Burgel
Président - B2Expand
CEO - B2Expand in Enzym ICO - 18
Manon Burgel
CEO - B2Expand
CTO - B2Expand in Enzym ICO - 19
Rémi Burgel
CTO - B2Expand
Legal and financial advisor - Public accountant                        
 in Enzym ICO - 20
Nicolas Paillet
Legal and financial advisor - Public accountant
 in Enzym ICO - 21
 in Enzym ICO - 22

Social media

Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk Twitter Facebook github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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