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Aug 01, 2019 – Aug 31, 2020

Filmgrid is a decentralized peer to peer technological solution for commerce, streaming and funding of films and series over the Internet.

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Project industryArt & Music
Product typePlatform

What is Filmgrid

The film industry is vicious. Unable to learn from its mistakes, it has fallen into a cycle of sequels, crossovers and reboots, where the Film Studios financial motivation outweighs any creative new content.

Only in a few cases it is possible to appreciate the passion of the artist in the silver screen, it has been worn out mostly by executive layers that suppress originality; instead, adherence is made to over-used formulas and unethical business strategies, where the decision-making power of a project falls on executive producers who have no experience as filmmakers.

Writers with great imagination must settle for writing what the executives request, instead of their own ideas; visionary directors have their hands figuratively tied, using their creativity to meet the expectations of the "product placement" advertiser; talented actors and actresses see the very roles they were born to play, be occupied by artists of lesser stature but with the physique or ethnicity selected by the producer.

The world has changed, the viewer has changed. The streaming services are growing, not only as far as subscriptions but also in original content; Millennials are no longer impressed by the industry's attempts to compete with larger screens, specialized rooms and ridiculously high investment in marketing. They are interested in the content, regardless of whether that is television, a computer, tablet or smartphone; the medium is no restriction.

Filmgrid seeks to use technological, operative and ideological innovation to provide a fair commercial alternative, to generate equality between users and to promote art. By getting rid of unnecessary intermediaries, the creation of better films will be promoted. That way the direct participants receive a higher percentage of the profit, and they receive it sooner.

We strongly believe:

  • Being talented is no excuse for a negative attitude.
  • Money should not interfere in any aspect of the movie.
  • Credit must never be taken for the work of others.
  • Respect to other ideologies and beliefs is paramount.
  • Visual effects should assist the narrative, not overshadow it.
  • Not a single member of the production team shall be imposed.
  • All relative terms to refer to a digital movie, such as film, movie or picture are fine.
  • Details

    Pre-sales: Jul 01, 2019 - Jul 31, 2019
    Public sales: Aug 01, 2019 - Aug 31, 2020
    Token supply: 1,000,000,000 FILM
    Total tokens for sale: 800,000,000 FILM
    Soft cap: 13,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 21,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA

    Token info

    Ticker: FILM
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in ETH: 3,000 FILM = 1 ETH
    Accepted currencies: ETH

    Filmgrid Roadmap

    Concept | June 2016
  • Before Filmgrid, there was Primal TV, which was an idea for a streaming movie marketplace with a pay-per-minute pricing strategy, to bring independent short films closer to the public at fair prices, where the filmmakers would make the most profit.
  • After adding more ideas and new creative people got into the project, it became Filmgrid.
  • 2
    Business Plan | December 2016
  • A good idea without a plan of action is just that, a good idea. Since Filmgrid was thought as a business, a business plan had to be developed; even though it was not going to be a conventional project for funding nor direction, a structured plan must be followed.
  • 3
    Blockchain Architecture | March 2017
  • Traditional technology solutions were not enough for the ideology behind Filmgrid. That is when blockchain came in. The system architecture was easily adjust to fit the project needs, making more sense in a hybrid way, than just one technology over the another.
  • 4
    Assembling The Team | November 2017
  • Time to put everything together, the informative website was built and the starting team was established. Scouting for new team member and advisors was at task, finding very interesting people along the way; a creative background was primordial, regardless the position.
  • 5
    White Paper | April 2018
  • The first draft of this document was written in order to explain in detail the project for anyone interested to learn about it; although it was not meant to be its final form, but to be updated, and enhanced with the project itself, taking feedback always in consideration.
  • 6
    ICO Listing | August 2018
  • Registration in the major ICO listing websites available, making the first approach to the ICO enthusiasts and potential investors. Starting with the free services listing, evaluating them for future premium services.
  • 7
    ICO Scheme | December 2018 | POSTPONED
  • The last 2018 quarter was a challenging and difficult time for ICO projects and crypto-community in general, unethical projects and scams in every corner, wrecked the trust of the public; therefore we fell back and regroup, rethinking the situation in order to develop a new and better plan of action.
  • 8
    Planning Restructuring | January 2019
  • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
  • Once understanding the external factors, but most important our own weaknesses, we can see and follow a different angle to approach the project to the people, earning their trust and showing our commitment to them.
  • 9
    Social Media Marketing | February 2019
  • We believe the best marketing will be telling our story, we will use our social networks to bring it to the public. A series of videos called “The Filmgrid Diaries” will be released.
  • 10
    ICO Presale | July 2019
  • Better deals for the early birds
  • The token presale will take place, with attractive sale bonuses for those who risks the most by believing first in our project.
  • 11
    Digital Marketing | March 2019
  • Extending the marketing strategy to a keen oriented digital publicity; the announcement for a 1,000,000 FILM token contest, and the methodology to win it, will be released.
  • 12
    ICO Sale - Phase I | August 2019
  • The token sale will take place at a fixed rate, stabilizing the token prize after the presale.
  • 13
    Ethereum Dapp Development | September 2019
  • A dedicated team of developers will solely focus in the Dapp development on top of the Ethereum Network. It’s imperative to provide a working Dapp as soon as possible.
  • 14
    Smart Contracts Development | September 2019

    With a separate team of developers, we shall begin the smart contracts development, focusing at first in the following but not limited to:

  • Production Fund Management
  • Pitchboard Voting
  • Disbursement of Funds
  • 15
    Off-chain System Development | November 2019
  • Server side development for data storage, data retrieving, streaming and social network environment developing begins.
  • 16
    Production Fund securing Smart Contracts Release | December 2019
  • The purpose is to secure the funds from the upcoming token sale, since is most important that those funds can only be used for the purpose earlier explained, and provide more confidence to outside-crypto circle investors, such as filmmakers and platform users in general.
  • 17
    ICO Sale - Phase II | September 2019
  • Dynamic token sale will take place, giving a fair opportunity to everyone who didn’t had the chance to buy tokens during the presale or previous sale.
  • 18
    MVP Dapp release | October-December 2019
  • The first prototype will allow those who believed in us to get the opportunity to see where are we heading, and that will allow us the opportunity to learn from their experience. The development will continue its course, bug fixing and improvements will be the daily task… and it will never stop.
  • 19
    Filmgrid Ethereum based blockchain development | December 2019
  • With a working Dapp ready on Ethereum, its turn to build our own blockchain. We can now focus into making a robust platform with the alternative consensus algorithm;
  • 20
    Platform Marketing | January 2020
  • Marketing for the platform itself, not only the project; it’s time to make word of the use of it and bring both, moviemakers and viewers, to be part of it.
  • 21
    Filmgrid Blockchain Testnet | June 2020
  • The test for the Filmgrid blockchain, of open source nature, will be release for everyone to be able to use it and try it.
  • 22
    Filmgrid Primitiva Release | August 2020
  • The moment of truth. The first version of the tested blockchain including the Dapp and Smart Contracts will be released.
  • Project team

    Andrés Ávila Torres
    Andrés Ávila Torres
    Founder / Leader / Thinker
    Andrés Ávila Torres linkedin
    Osvaldo Alfonso Núñez Melgoza
    Osvaldo Alfonso Núñez Melgoza
    Business Intelligence Specialist38 age
    Osvaldo Alfonso Núñez Melgoza linkedin
    Stefanie Zöhrer
    Stefanie Zöhrer
    Creative / Illustrator
    Stefanie Zöhrer linkedin
    Edith Valle
    Edith Valle
    Edith Valle linkedin
    Alex Salais
    Alex Salais
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Alex Salais linkedin
    Hugo Arriaga Tapia
    Hugo Arriaga Tapia
    Creative Scout / Filmmaker
    Hugo Arriaga Tapia linkedin
    Lorena Meza Zamora
    Lorena Meza Zamora
    Customer Care Coordinator / Make Up Artist
    Lorena Meza Zamora linkedin
    Omar Bermudez de la Cruz
    Omar Bermudez de la Cruz
    Customer Care Supervisor / Photographer


    Naviin Kapoor
    Naviin Kapoor
    ICO Advisor
    Naviin Kapoor linkedin
    Gina Valeria Cruz Lozano
    Gina Valeria Cruz Lozano
    Compliance Advisor
    Gina Valeria Cruz Lozano linkedin
    Oscar Aurelio Moreno Olvera
    Oscar Aurelio Moreno Olvera
    Technology Advisor
    Oscar Aurelio Moreno Olvera linkedin

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