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FunnyToken is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. The safest and easiest way to buy, sell and trade in games and digital services.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeCryptocurrency
FoundedUnited States

What is FunnyToken

FunnyToken is a blockchain and platform which is optimized in order to transfer cryptocurrencies from one holder to another. At the same time, it’s a transferable digital asset withheld in Ethereum smart contract. It aims to be used in the game and digital service trades. While providing simple additional features according to users’ needs, it’s also open to being used and developed in any country.

In today’s world, people have started to spend too much time in the cyber world for both entertainment and winnings. They mostly spend this time on websites and mobile phones trying to make profits. FunnyToken promises to transform this entertaining time into winnings and distribute to its users. Contrary to the other cyberworlds and social networks, FunnyToken isn’t controlled by a central organization.

FunnyToken aims at servicing in two platforms such as Internal Productions and External Productions. External Productions are the games and services which are already in the market. On the other hand, Internal Productions are the games and services which are in FunnyToken’s own structure. Our first game GoldRush is a system based on the platform in which the characters makes users win tokens by being improved. FunnyTokens can be spent in order to improve in-app characters and to win points as well. It’s also a cryptocurrency which will be available for digital product and service purchases.

FunnyToken is a cryptocurrency designed for game and digital services trades.

FunnyToken intends to be an option for purchase and sale online and offline services’ in-app elements or any advantage offered.

The project has acquired a vision of FunnyTokens‘ distribution in our own games and services and increasing people’s habit of FunnyToken usage and as the awareness of FunnyToken increases, we intend to make agreements with games appealing to small and big audiences in order to widen the field of use of FunnyToken in the game market.


Public sales: Aug 26, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019
Token supply: 246,000,000 FUNTO
Total tokens for sale: 36,900,000 FUNTO
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 11,500,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2019

Token info

Ticker: FUNTO
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 FUNTO = 0.24 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH , BTC, DOGE
Bonus program:
Phase 1 : % 50
Phase 2 : % 40
Phase 3 : % 30
Phase 4 : % 20
Token distribution:
50% - In-Games & Apps Distribution
20% - Marketing & Advertising
15% - ICO
5,5% - ICO Bonus & Airdrop
5% - Developer Team
4,5% - Founder Team

FunnyToken Roadmap


The idea of the project showed up.

2019 January

The objectives of the project were determined.The team was formed and started to work on the technical details.

2019 February

The team has begun to work on FunnyToken infrastructure

2019 March

We started to write the whitepaper.

2019 May

Website works started.

2019 June

The main idea of the game showed up. CYRPTOWORLD game was born.

2019 July

Game script was written.The Works on technical details of the game have started.

2019 August

The project was announced.

ICO and IEO processes of the project were started.

2019 September

CYRPTOWORLD game’s preview was completed.

2019 November

ICO and IEO processes were completed.

2019 4. Quarter

We started to work to get listed on the crypto-currency market.We proudly launched our first game CRYPTOWORLD.


We started to work on new games and applications. We are ready for more, therefore, we started to negotiate with different platforms and services to meet with you all out there.

Project team

Furkan Pala
Furkan Pala
CEO, Marketing & Advertisement
Furkan Pala linkedin
Burak Kaydeli
Burak Kaydeli
CTO, Lead Blockchain
Burak Kaydeli linkedin
İsmail Erciyes
İsmail Erciyes
Software Developer
İsmail Erciyes linkedin
Bilal Emre Gözet
Bilal Emre Gözet
Software Developer
Bilal Emre Gözet linkedin
Samet Kaya
Samet Kaya
Data Analyst
Samet Kaya linkedin
Merve Çelik
Merve Çelik
Community Manager
Merve Çelik linkedin
Merve Nur Ersoy
Merve Nur Ersoy
Project Manager
Merve Nur Ersoy linkedin
Onur Furkan Kalender
Onur Furkan Kalender
Graphic Design
Onur Furkan Kalender linkedin

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