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Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with API capabilities for direct market access.

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What is Globitex

Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with a fully functional FIX API connectivity, offering direct market access for algorithmic traders.

Having built the exchange to meet sophisticated institutional client needs, we now operate Globitex from the starting point of allowing the exchange of the Bitcoin and Euro trading pair on a secure and well-established platform. Building Globitex with a view to the future, however, requires tackling one of the major issues that Bitcoin faces: liquidity, or the current lack thereof.

Therefore, one of the first goals for Globitex is to launch other major currency pairs; to expand the Bitcoin-FX order books, thus covering instant trading, deposits, and withdrawals in major currencies around the globe. The next step is to develop cryptocurrency money markets, where eligible market participants are able to lend out their assets at specific maturities by setting market-based interest rates. The development of a money market in Bitcoin will be the major catalyst in increasing liquidity and equalising supply and demand for Bitcoin in the spot market, as well as for various time future time frames, potentially transforming it into the most liquid currency.

As Bitcoin liquidity increases, and as large money orders can be easily accommodated, Globitex will then enable standardised listing of various commodities futures and options on an open order book basis. The derivative contracts will be physically deliverable and exchanged in Bitcoin as the underlying currency. For example, the counterparties in a derivatives contract could exchange physical commodities (crude oil, jet fuel, gold, silver, copper, corn, etc.) for a fixed amount of bitcoins at the maturity of the contract, or opt out of the physical delivery and settle in bitcoin instead.

Scaling Globitex into a global spot and derivatives trading venue will allow producers to purchase exchange listed products for Bitcoin. Trading firms and speculators will also be able to hedge their risks in Bitcoin with derivatives contracts. Thus, scaling the Globitex exchange will benefit Bitcoin and foster its development as a medium of exchange that is suitable for facilitating global trade, overcoming geographic, political or monetary restrictions.


Public sales: Feb 10, 2018 - Feb 12, 2018
Token supply: 500,000,000 GBX
Soft cap: 12,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 10,000,000 EUR
Raised: 12,500,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Gibraltar
Registration year: 2015
Office address: Lvovo g. 105A, Vilnius, Lithuania
85, First Floor Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT


Bounty: 2%
Translation: 5%
Social media: 80%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 15%

Token info

Ticker: GBX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: EIP-20
Token price in USD: 1 GBX = 0.12 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, XBT, BCH
Bonus program:
For the first 5,000,000 GBX Tokens + 10%
For the next 10,000,000 GBX Tokens + 5%
Token distribution:
Distributed to users 65%
Available during the ICO 5%
Available after the ICO 10%
Available after 1 year from the ICO 10%
Available after 2 years from the ICO 10%

Offices on the map

Globitex Roadmap

  • Globitex is launched in limited Beta version with bitcoin against euro as the foundational trading pair
  • Bitcoin cash is added to the platform after splitting from the bitcoin blockchain
  • Globitex group company Nexpay UAB receives e-money institution license from the Bank of Lithuania
  • 2
  • The Globitex ICO is successfully launched and more than 11 000 ETH was raised with the public sale fully subscribed in less than 24 hours
  • The GBX tokens are distributed to more than 4000 ICO participants
  • The Globitex exchange is launched in full version
  • Ether and the GBX token are listed on the exchange
  • GBX token usage for trading fee payments and the burning of redeemed GBX is launched, enabling the full envisioned utility of the GBX token
  • The first GBX loyalty programs are launched
  • Stasis EURS is listed as the first stablecoin on the exchange
  • 3
  • The EURO Wallet, powered by the EMI licensed group company Nexpay, UAB is launched on the Globitex platform as the industry leading EUR payment solution for crypto companies and individual traders
  • The new Globitex website is launched to improve customer experience, transparency and functionality
  • New trading interface
  • GBX usage for EURO Wallet fee payments
  • Globitex Referral program
  • Listing of the USDC stablecoin
  • The EURO Wallet card
  • Spot gold trading
  • 4
  • Margin trading
  • Bitcoin inter-broker offered rate (BIBOR)
  • Bitcoin based commodity futures
  • Crypto-currency futures
  • Crypto-currency options
  • Crypto-currency swaps
  • Bitcoin priced Globitex commodity index (GCOM)
  • Physically settled commodity futures
  • Project team

    Jon Matonis
    Jon Matonis
    Jon Matonis twitter
    Liza Aizupiete
    Liza Aizupiete
    Managing Director
    Liza Aizupiete twitter
    Arvis Ermins
    Arvis Ermins
    Director and Head of Compliance
    Arvis Ermins linkedin
    Maris Kaneps
    Maris Kaneps
    Director and Head of It
    Uldis Teraudkalns
    Uldis Teraudkalns
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    Uldis Teraudkalns linkedin
    Viesturs Tamuzs
    Viesturs Tamuzs
    Board Member
    Viesturs Tamuzs twitter
    Andris Kaneps
    Andris Kaneps
    Board MemberAdvisors


    Mark O’Byrne
    Mark O’Byrne
    Bullion Dealer and Gold Market Analyst
    Mark O’Byrne linkedin
    Carlos Blanco
    Carlos Blanco
    Risk Analytics and Financial Modelling Expert
    Carlos Blanco linkedin
    Pierre Roberge
    Pierre Roberge
    IT Security Expert
    Pierre Roberge linkedin
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    Technology Advisor
    Mikko Ohtamaa linkedin
    Ransu Salovaara
    Ransu Salovaara
    Token Sales Strategist
    Ransu Salovaara linkedin

    Social media

    Globitex web-siteGlobitex RedditGlobitex MediumGlobitex TelegramGlobitex BTCTalkGlobitex LinkedInGlobitex TwitterGlobitex Facebook

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