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HumanixR is a Decentralized Application (DApp) that seeks to reward human interaction.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typeDApp
WhitepaperHumanixR White Paper Open
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What is HumanixR

HumanixR (HNX) will show the ads to the users only when the user desires to see them and the ads will be precisely relevant because HumanixR will utilize machine learning models to determine the ads most likely to benefit the user.

HumanixR users can post queries and get the responses from the community in real time. The people are requested for a response based on their interests and proximity to the user or according to the proximity of the location in question.

HumanixR will store only minimal personal information enough to complete KYC and AML. All personal information will be encrypted and stored in a secure database.


Pre-sales: Apr 20, 2018 - May 20, 2018
Public sales: Jun 20, 2018 - Jul 18, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 5000000
Token supply: 5000000
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: HNX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 3.500000 USD
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO - 20%
Token distribution:
30% - token sale (ICO)
10% - pre-ICO
25% - initial team and founders
15% - reserve
10% - marketing
10% - advisors and evangelists
Funds allocation:
40% - development
20% - community rewards
10% - founders
10% - initial team
10% - marketing
10% - reserve

HumanixR Roadmap

2017 Q3

• Idea Inception • Product Description

2018 Q2

• “Go Live” • Stability Releases

2018 Q4

• Expand Platform • Support for ETH based Rewards


• Add More Rewards Platform • Build In house Ad - Platform • Enable BOT based Interactions

Project team

Yasar Siddiqui
Yasar Siddiqui
CEO & Founder
Yasar Siddiqui linkedin
Ahmed Shervani
Ahmed Shervani
COO, Co-founder
Ahmed Shervani linkedin
Ishrat Masood
Ishrat Masood
Head, Projects & Co-founder
Ishrat Masood linkedin
Ewelina Jurzyk
Ewelina Jurzyk
Head, Finance
Ewelina Jurzyk linkedin
Anna Korzeniowska
Anna Korzeniowska
Community Manager
Anna Korzeniowska linkedin
Ebad Ashfaque
Ebad Ashfaque
Head, Marketing
Ebad Ashfaque linkedin

Social media

HumanixR web-siteHumanixRYouTubeHumanixR TelegramHumanixR TwitterHumanixR FacebookHumanixR Github

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