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Post about when to sell cryptocurrency

When to Sell Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin Positions

Is it a good time to sell cryptocurrencies? Should you sell right now or should you hold on while they bounce back? The cryptocurrencies are crashing very fast, but it is also happening with stocks. It’s always happening when the markets are crashing. Today’s average investor, looking at large losing…

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Interview about ICO Showmebiz

A Conversation with Olga Amraie, ICO Showmebiz

Today we will talk to Olga Amraie, the founder and general director of Showmebiz project. Olga, please, tell us some information about your project Showmebiz. What is this platform and how does it work? Showmebiz is a platform. It is an integration of all exhibitions in the world on one…

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Post about CoinLoan: loans secured by cryptoassets

CoinLoan — Loans Secured by CryptoAssets

Today cryptocurrency is not only a payment method but also a profitable investment asset. Its market value is expected to rise continuously over time. For the last year, Bitcoin value has increased by 700%, and Ethereum value has exceeded 3300%. Imagine that you can save your crypto-asset and at the…

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Post about the history of Bitcoin

The True History Of Bitcoin

We’ll start at the very beginning by understanding the history of blockchain. The very first blockchain in the world was Bitcoin. An anonymous person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto published a document in an online cryptography forum in November 2008, and revealed the first details of how Bitcoin would…

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Interview about ICO Storiqa

ICO Storiqa — Interview With Ruslan Tugushev

— Hello everyone, this is ICO Talk. I’m Helen. Today my guest Ruslan Tugushev is CEO and founder of the STORIQA project. Ruslan, Hello, thank you for your time. — Hello — Ruslan, tell us please about your project, what it is, how it works. — STORIQA, this is not…

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Post about should you invest in cryptocurrencies

Should You Invest In Cryptocurrencies? Key Tips, Blockchain Basics & Facts!

Today we are discussing the main cryptocurrencies and crypto world as a whole. We will try to point out the most important things we need to keep in our minds if we want to get involved into this world. Let’s start with the big script currency – Bitcoin. The thing…

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Post about how-to invest in ICO

How-To Invest In ICO?

Let’s talk about why you should invest in an ICO. But first, what is an ICO? Well of course it’s an Initial Coin Offering. You all know the acronym. But what is it really? Basically, it’s a crowdfunding campaign for a blockchain-based project. It’s very important: it’s not adapted to…

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Post about bitcoin bubble burst

Bitcoin Bubble Burst, Now What?

The reality for us is we’ve positioned the entire proposition that we’ve got within ACI for example to be around developing economies for companies with crypto you know with a crypto currency so you know Bitcoin might be a marker of sort right but for us you know developing App…

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Post about crypto isn't a real currency?

Crypto Isn’t a Real Currency?

So you might be again like for sure if people are looking at you know cashing in 401K’s to go long on Bitcoin at 16 or 17 thousand it’s crazy like that’s not sensible right and I’m not so sure that that’s like you know I would you know if…

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Post about intro to ACI

Intro to ACI

App Coin Innovations or ACI as we affectionately call it is a company that designs economies around cryptography. So we work primarily with established mid market or large market companies not exclusively but primarily and really taking an economic view or look at everything within their supply chain within their…

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