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Monart (MART)
Monart’s ambition is to reinvent the $67 billion a year art market with an innovative art experiences and creative new business models based on the Blockchain ...
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Jan 01, 2020
End date
Feb 28, 2020
Art & Music

ICOs list: Art and Music industry

Crowd investment platforms that are created with Art and Music in mind are ideal for ICOs. They allow the industry that has been a huge boom for many generations to proceed forward with cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. There are applications that offer user experience and secure transactions for Art and Music to thrive more in the digital world. There are advanced tools and incentives with some applications, and the cryptocurrency will not only improve in the next years but will be a huge success to allow celebrities in the Art and Music industry to establish closer communications with their fans. There are many applications and platforms in the Art and Music industry, but this is a list of the highest trending applications that are open to investments that have a solid structure behind the developers. There are developers that have built platforms for users to stream their projects into the digital world for others to share in the experience. To top that off, some ICOs on this list will allow the user to engage with their fan base. The Art and Music ICO list is one to keep an eye on and one to really consider your investments. There are many new talents that are starting to emerge.Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that when they gain momentum through these applications? Click here now to see the Art and Music ICO list that helps you make your investment decision easier with all the ratings in one place.