Energy & Utilities

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Gigajoule (GIGJ)
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Gigajoule Floating Solutions is an electricity generation company. It creates fully operational, gas-based power plants, floating on barges. It uses proven tech ...
Start date
Jan 01, 2020
End date
Apr 30, 2020
Energy & Utilities

ICOs list: Energy and Utilities industry

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are red hot because they offer many interesting features for us. The energy and utility industries often help influence the ICO (initial coin offering), cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. The investor world is spending a lot of money on blockchain-related startups and the amount truly reaches several billions of dollars. Venture capital firms are serious about investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency because the technology has proven to work, has a worldwide market and is reliable, and infrastructure is there to make things happen. Our services are the taking the work of energy production and distribution by storm. We are using a wide array of new ICO technologies such as AI and IoT to move this field to a completely new level of usefulness and power down the road.

If you are worried about the high environmental costs of electricity these days, you should check us out because we are filling a huge gap in the electricity arena, and we are serious about making things happen. We have developed an amazing trading system where users can trade energy and make money if they want to. There is also a way for you to make more money in this system by becoming a miner, and this means that you can become a part of the cryptocurrency infrastructure if you want to. Our top quality platform will provide you with a list of categories to choose from.