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ICOs list: Events and Entertainment industry

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO are being used by event and entertainment companies to increase their brand visibility and improve sales. Targeted ICO services are placing different products to the right target market and the required time. ICO and cryptocurrency marketing and advertising have become the main tool that enables the successful launching of various entertainment events. Event enterprises are employing initial coin offering tools to gain global promoting experience and thus revolutionizing their growth. Paid ICO and cryptocurrency advertising events generate substantial market exposure and ensure efficient usage of marketing funds. The events and entertainment firms are currently leveraging on initial coin offering, cryptocurrency, and blockchain to engage customers across different social media platforms to enhance online exposure and improve the transparency of the brands.

The blockchain is currently transforming the entertainment and events sector in different ways. First, it is currently transforming the norms, distribution, and style methodologies in order to reach a wide audience with the greatest content. Secondly, blockchain project offers a verifiable approach of selling tickets during live concerts. This technique has eliminated cases of second-hand, untrustworthy, and unverifiable tickets. For instance, the SLATE blockchain network designed by Slate Entertainment Group aims at fostering the accountability and transparency in the entertainment industry. Bitcoin offers permanent records that enhance tracking and tracing the owner of the tickets. Thirdly, through technologies such as Etherum blockchain, blockchain has decentralized the distribution of music. As a result, many artists are able to enjoy the respecting of licensing agreements and assessing of their contributions. Thirdly, blockchain offers user-centered and more specific advertising strategies to different event and entertainment companies.

If you are interested in being involved in the events and entertainment industry, we have compiled a list and category of platforms with up-to-date information and marked rating to give you all the information you need to make a well-informed investment. With us, you will become a wise investor.