Health & Medicine

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NiMEDix ecosystem (NiM)
NiMEDix ecosystem is a startup, founded by Doctors, to meet the specific needs of a target population (Africa) in real time via Telemedcine and hospital develop ...
Start date
May 01, 2020
End date
Aug 31, 2020
Health & Medicine

ICOs list: Health and Medicine industry

The health industry will never end as long as people continue being sick. Investment in this area will never let anyone down, and those who have already invaded this field have made a lot of profits. However, with technology anything can be phased out so quickly. In order to stay safe, you have to be on the safe side. When the technology changes, everything changes.  Any industry or business that doesn’t comply with the changes in technology is deemed to fail at some point. Blockchain is the new technology that has changed everything in every industry. It all starts with the ICO. That is where the Whitepaper has all the details for every industry that is being invested. Investing also requires one to be wise. In order to be that wise, you, as an investor, have to know all the information you need about the field you are just about to venture. Almost every industry has a project that is participating in the ICO lists.

However, information is the best tool you need in order to make a decision. You can check the landing pages of the ICO lists in order to get a list of all the projects that are participating. Here, you will also get a list of the project statuses: upcoming projects, startup projects, ongoing projects and even the completed projects. By checking these projects, you will get to know the project that you can cast your money into. However, the ICO list does more than this and offers you exactly the information you need on every project in this industry. You can get all the statistics about each specific project. The whitepaper has all the information that you need for every project. It is here that you will even get to know the team that is driving the project. To be sure about every field, make sure to check the listings on the ICO page.