Internet & Telecommunications

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Digital Telecom (DiTe)
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An ecosystem that makes it possible to forget about simcards, privacy invasion by providers and hackers. No more monthly bills or yearly changes to billing cont ...
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Jan 02, 2020
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Apr 02, 2020
Internet & Telecommunications

ICOs list: Internet and Telecommunications industry

We are making it easy for travelers to roam all over the world. They will not have to switch to any plan or anything else when they have to leave their countries or if they want to be in communication with those, whom they care about. We know that there are upscale blockchain companies that will take the telecom industry by storm because they are getting rid of a lot of intermediaries in the roaming business out there. These companies are testing a new sim card to help clients get cheap rates while overseas. The goal of these cryptocurrency companies is to provide an exceptional user experience that will blow your mind. We want to gear our focus on serving various people who want to put their money in the right place and are serious about this adventure. We know that investors are flocking to fund a wide array of blockchain or cryptocurrency project because they see the future of technology just like we do. They understand that the Internet needs a layer of trust, and the blockchain technology that we provide can provide you with maximum security and trust. Through various cryptocurrency and blockchain experience, we can offer you the best internet and telecommunicating experience that you are craving for.

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