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Pieta (PITC)
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Pieta is the world's first coin that seeks people\'s interest more than its interest by supporting our environment by using the new X20 Algorithm That reduces ...
ICO start date
May 15, 2019
ICO end date
Nov 14, 2019

ICOs list: Mining industry

What is Blockchain Mining? Mining is the process of extracting minerals and other valuable substances like gold, diamonds and much more. However, mining concerning blockchain is the process of adding the transaction details to a largely distributed ledger along with the history of every transaction, making it transparent for everyone to view.

With the help of the blockchain technology, Bitcoins are created from mining project. The mining process takes place in the processors of every computer and is added to the ledger. Later, after mining some required amount, the currency can be used at places where they accept Bitcoins.

ICO is nothing but Initial Coin Offering. ICO is executed when a new currency is created and wanted to be released to the commercial market. The coins are offered to other cryptocurrencies, and this is where the transactions take place in the cryptocurrency world. In cryptocurrency, there are two ways of mining, proof of work and proof of stake. The ICO is performed after the first cryptocurrency is created and is marketed to the other cryptocurrency owners. The credibility of the coin is tested with many hackers, and they call the currency eligible when it is not hackable because cryptocurrencies are created to improve the security of the currency.

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