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Pre-Sale list is one of our most exciting data base

Most times, these Pre-ICOs or STOs give tokens at a much cheaper price and bonus.
With the help of our list, you will be able to buy token even before the commencement of the official crowd sale.

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What is Pre ICO (Pre-Sales)

We only list the top Pre-ICOs for you so that you never end up making a choice that you regret. ICOs have risen in demand among business owners who want to venture into new projects because they are not bound by any strict regulations. Our list has been compiled after elaborate research so that you can take the correct decisions as an investor.

ICOs have become one of the primary means by which startups try to raise the capital they need to get their project going. They are not the most secure way of crowd-funding, but they are much less hassle. If you are an investor and you are looking to invest in some new ICOs, then you should explore your options as much as possible. You should also do a significant amount of research to ensure that the firm is legitimate before making any commitment. Since there are no financial authorities to fight your battle for you, it is likely that you will recover the money you lose in a deal gone awry.

We have designed our website in such a manner that you get an updated list of all the tokens that you will be able to invest in. Once you browse through them, you will surely find some great options that will suit your tastes. We provide lists of Upcoming ICOs, Pre-ICOs, and Ongoing ICOs so that you miss out on nothing. On this page, you will find the list of the best and most hyped Pre Initial Coin Offerings (PRE ICOs) which you can keep an eye on.

If you are absolutely sure, then you can also go ahead and invest. If you want more information so as to take the correct decision, then you can simply visit their website where you will be able to read about all their projects. You can also enlist yourself in the whitepaper so you know more about the goals and objectives of the project.

Even our Pre ICO list will provide you with a large amount of information about the ICOs so that you do not have to spend time reading the whitepaper if you are in a hurry.

All Investors can avail cheaper tokens

Pre-ICOs let investors buy the necessary tokens before the official sale. Usually, projects keep their financial goal lower for Pre-ICOs as compared to the main ICOs. The money is used to make promos and encourage strategic recruitment.

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