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ICOs list: Social Services and Non-profit industry

Social services and non-profit organization can help make the world better. We are happy to introduce blockchain technology in the charity project. The solution is transparent and straightforward to boost the charity fundraising in non-profit organizations. The non-profit industry focuses on making the humanity better and provides aid to the misfortunate. Unfortunately, there are instances of scam and fraud that can lead to some issues in accountability. Luckily, there are blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency. The non-profit organizations need a better PR as well as the practical solutions like a simple plan to create a non-profit sector that is accurate and trustworthy. Due to so many great things that social services and non-profit organizations can bring, investors are looking for the perfect blockchain, ICO or cryptocurrency to invest in. We have provided you a list of category and platforms with up-to-date ratings to help you find what you are looking for. These platforms have minimal government regulations and are highly trustworthy and accurate.

The program helps donors track their donations, which is possible when the system converts the contributions in cryptocurrency and money. This degree of control is what the platform needs to keep everything private and safe. The program makes it possible to receive funds from investors to give to the world. Our platform offers an excellent selection for our users to make the right donation. Through blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency, we are able to push on charity to a completely new level.