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InMax is a digital assets exchange.

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What is InMax

INMAX comes as a novel cryptocurrency trading platform with the abovementioned advantages. This is an Asian-based digital asset exchange, which focuses on the ultimate customer experience in many ways. Founded by PT. HAFIZC KOIN ASIA – a company that has so much experience in cryptocurrency trading, INMAX offers a simpler but more advanced platform design and high-quality customer support. These made INMAX a dependable, faster, easier, and safer trading platform.

Why Choosing Inmax

INMAX offers digital trading services for a number of digital coins, like BTC, NEO, ETH, XLM, XRP, and many more. We trade services digital coins in pairs of BTC, ETH, INX, and IDR. To give the users with convenience, INMAX comes out with a number of advantages, as the following :


INMAX uses 100% offline wallet; therefore, it is very powerful to overcome Ddos attacks. We know that every user looks for a powerful and secured trading platform. Therefore, we make saving your funds and personal information the first priorities in our services. We do the following steps to make sure that users only use fully secured platform:

  • Frequent and regular system updates. We use the latest software supported by the newest system security technology.
  • Regular security checks and updates. We are developing algorithms to identify suspicious trading patterns as early as possible.
  • Information backup for all data. The backup is executed automatically on daily bases. Then, the data are sent to cloud-based storage for improved safety.
  • Information backup for all data. The backup is executed automatically on daily bases. Then, the data are sent to cloud-based storage for improved safety.
  • Using the most sophisticated and powerful firewall.
  • Using anti-DDos services to make sure that financial transactions are free from any kind of interruption.
  • Authentication

    Any transactions in INMAX are supported by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature, including deposit, withdrawal, account shift, account editing, and many more. The system is also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA). It is actually a device-based system, but the device can be connected to internet when needed. This offers improved security with additional layer for online environments, such as digital financial transactions. The most common device used for 2FA feature is a mobile phone.

    The conventional password-only approach is known to have some vulnerability, particularly due to many log-ins. As a result, cloud-based personal data are at increasing threat. With 2FA feature, INMAX offers complete security without compromise. Besides username and password security models, 2FA feature offers the users with following benefits :

  • Physical wallet that no one else has (mobile phone and PIN number of the phone.
  • Immediate notifications of log-ins, withdrawal, and other vital actions. The notifications come with a link that allows the owners of digital wallet to freeze he account in case that you find suspicious transactions.
  • Detecting changes in IP/location
  • Chances to restrict account access and withdrawal based on IP and location.
  • Faster

    Matching engine is the key software that supports electronic trading platforms like INMAX. The engine works with faster allocation process by matching up trades, bids, and offers. INMAX is supported by high-speed matching engine, which does not recognize any lags or downtime during the trading session. As a result, traders can react to changes in prices and market conditions in a quicker way.

    High-speed matching engine used by INMAX is built with the latest technology, which enables it to maintain performance despite growing user bases. It is hardly affected by the growth in tradable assets and spikes in transactions. The result is a stable trading platform, which benefits all traders. We are optimistic that INMAX platform will result in minimum, if any, order rejection because of system overload.

    Best Response

    We offer 24-hour customer services to answer any questions related to our platform. We are supported by team members, who are ready to help you in addressing any issues related to the trading platforms, any questions related to the cryptocurrency trading, and any problems you face.

    Cold Wallet

    Cryptocurrency traders are exposed to increasing threats from time to time, as they are constantly connected to internet. Traders who keep hot digital wallet are vulnerable to hackers, particularly when it keeps considerable amount of money. The case is different with cold wallet, which works offline. Why?

    As the wallet is not connected to internet, hackers cannot access and steal digital assets in it. INMAX offers cold wallet to help secure your money. Our cold wallet is equipped with multi-sig technology, which is designed to improve storage security. With INMAX trading platform, you benefit from hacker-proof digital wallet.

    However, it is okay to keep small amount of balance in your hot digital wallet. The hackers are not interested in accounts that only has small amount of money.

    High Liquidity

    INMAX is supported by sophisticated technology for generating and maintaining any kinds of digital wallet in a safe way. Our team members do their best to generate secured digital wallet that protects your money from any efforts of hacking or stealing.

    Low Cost Fee

    We support your trading activities with low-cost fee. You may wonder how we can do this, right? Increasingly efficient process in order allocation eventually drives down the transaction fees. It takes less time and fewer steps to execute any orders, while market quality is improved. Similarly, we try to implement fair trading fees to help the users feel comfortable with the system. Low-Cost fees apply for varied transactions, from deposit, trading and withdrawals.

    Stop Loss Methode

    Stop Loss is the lowest price limit set to limit losses. When price movements touch this value, the system will automatically close the order or position. so that traders can apply good management assets

    Unlimited Withdrawal

    Unlimited widrawal in our features is asset withdrawal with no maximum withdrawal limit, which is very supportive for users more freely maximizing cross-market trading strategies and opening large opportunities for market players who have large assets to transact in inmax market


    Public sales: Nov 20, 2018 - Jan 09, 2019
    Token supply: 7,000,000 INX
    Total tokens for sale: 3,000,000 INX
    Soft cap: 6,900 ETH

    Token info

    Ticker: INX
    Type: Security
    Token price in USD: 1 INX= 1.085142 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Bonus program:
    Token Price:
    20.11-07.12 - 0.0069 ETH
    08.12-23.12 - 0.0078 ETH
    24.12-09.01 - 0.0083 ETH
    Token distribution:
    43% - Token Sale
    35% - Dividend Reserve
    20% - Team
    2% - Airdrop & Bounty
    Funds allocation:
    30% - Marketing
    15% - Research & Development
    20% - Product Development
    20% - Working Capital
    10% - Operation
    5% - Legal

    InMax Roadmap

    Feb 2018

    Recruitment of the team

    Aug 2018

    Reseach & Develop Masterplan Project

    Nov 2018

    Airdrop & Bounty Start Token Sale Begin

    Q1 2019

    Tokensale Ended First Exchange Listed MVP for IOS Release MVP for Android Release

    Q2 2019

    Web Exchange Release

    Q3 2019

    Android Exchange Beta IOS Exchange Beta

    Q4 2019

    Exchange Release

    Project team

    Shomad Abdus
    Shomad Abdus
    Shomad Abdus linkedin
    Sam Sumadi
    Sam Sumadi
    Sam Sumadi linkedin
    Anjar Budi
    Anjar Budi
    Cryptocurrency Trainer
    Anjar Budi linkedin
    Sri Hartono
    Sri Hartono
    Community Manager
    Sri Hartono linkedin
    Eldwin Eldrich Goni
    Eldwin Eldrich Goni
    UI/UX Designer
    Eldwin Eldrich Goni linkedin
    Bondan Tri Rendra
    Bondan Tri Rendra
    Senior Software Engineer
    Bondan Tri Rendra linkedin
    Muzammil Ahmad
    Muzammil Ahmad
    Program Development
    Muzammil Ahmad linkedin

    Social media

    InMax web-siteInMaxYouTubeInMax TwitterInMax Facebook



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