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The Invox Finance platform is a invoicing system between buyers, sellers, investors and service providers.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperInvox Finance White Paper Open
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What is Invox Finance

- The Invox Finance Platform will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information; - Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower interest rates than those normally received from traditional financiers who operate outside the blockchain; - Dynamic invoices provide all parties with the ability to update invoice information in realtime, ensure immutability and manage sensitive information access; - The Invox Finance Platform will provide sellers direct access to individual investors; - The Invox Finance platform will expose investors to loan products comprising of loan fragments from many diverse businesses across various industry sectors; - Invoice loans will be fragmented into smaller increments allowing investors to purchase loan fragments to reduce their risk profile and increase their diversification.


Pre-sales: Mar 15, 2018 - Mar 24, 2018
Public sales: Apr 15, 2018 - May 14, 2018
Hard cap: 17,000,000USD
Raised: 4,188,110 USD


Registration country: Australia
Registration year: 2017
Office address: 133 Archer Street, North Adelaide SA 5006


Bounty: 5%
Translation: 5%
Social media: 85%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 10%

Token info

Ticker: INVOX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 INVOX= 0.053419 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000100 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Pre-sale - 30% Bonus
Main sale
Angel day 1-3 - 20% Bonus
Day 3-5 - 10% Bonus
Day 6-15 - 5% Bonus
Day 16-30 - 0% Bonus
Token distribution:
55% - For sale
20% - Operational fund
20% - Board & Advisors
5% - Bounty
Funds allocation:
5% - Marketing
20% - Investment Fund
15% - System Development
19% - Services
1% - Misc Expenses

Invox Finance Roadmap

Stage 1

Invest A$500,000 in cash as capital
Create an initial community
Develop the whitepaper
Prepare to conduct the ICO
Define the system framework
Engineer the Dynamic Invoice Smart Contract

Stage 2

Develop the MVP
Conduct the ICO

Stage 3

Complete the MVP
Start user testing to guarantee the release of a quality product

Project team

Alex Mezhvinsky
Alex Mezhvinsky
Alex Mezhvinsky linkedin
Adam Mezhvinsky
Adam Mezhvinsky
Adam Mezhvinsky linkedin
Daniel Tang
Daniel Tang
Daniel Tang linkedin
Victoria Mezhvinsky
Victoria Mezhvinsky
In House Legal Counsel
Victoria Mezhvinsky linkedin
Jose Luis Ramirez
Jose Luis Ramirez
Lead Software Engineer
Jose Luis Ramirez linkedin
Lucas Cullen
Lucas Cullen
Lead Solidity Developer - Contractor
Lucas Cullen linkedin
Henry Sit
Henry Sit
Business Development Manager
Henry Sit linkedin


David Lu
David Lu
David Lu linkedin
Michael Bacina
Michael Bacina
Michael Bacina linkedin
Boris Mezhvinsky
Boris Mezhvinsky
Boris Mezhvinsky linkedin
Chris McLoughlin
Chris McLoughlin
Chris McLoughlin linkedin
Kyle Hornberg
Kyle Hornberg
Kyle Hornberg linkedin
James Waugh
James Waugh
James Waugh linkedin
JP Thor
JP Thor
JP Thor linkedin
Emi Wada
Emi Wada
Japanese Market Advisor
Emi Wada linkedin
Conston Taylor
Conston Taylor
ICO advisor
Conston Taylor linkedin
Alex Mashinsky
Alex Mashinsky
Alex Mashinsky linkedin

Social media

Invox Finance web-siteInvox Finance RedditInvox Finance MediumInvox FinanceYouTubeInvox Finance TelegramInvox Finance InstagramInvox Finance BTCTalkInvox Finance LinkedInInvox Finance TwitterInvox Finance Facebook

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