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Jan 15, 2019 – Jan 30, 2019

IOV provides a universal protocol for blockchains and wallet users.

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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type Service
Founded France


The Blockchain has brought a number of promises to the world and is expected by many to disrupt and transform financial services, organizations and global exchanges. Those promises will likely impact many industries like Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and Governments. The blockchain appears now to be the solution to fix many technological problems like smart contracts or proof of ownership. Even so, the problem of the most basic and common use of the blockchain, which is to easily and securely receive or send a token like a bitcoin, is yet not solved by the industry.

Within this context, the IOV community is bringing blockchains to the people. We are committed to delivering a protocol and an application that empowers the end-users when it comes to sending, receiving and holding tokens.

Major challenges of the blockchain

The usage of a blockchain is not a user-friendly concept designed for most people. It was initially designed for cryptography enthusiasts and professionals. On the other hand, when it comes to the actual end-users and people, blockchain platforms haven’t been able to demonstrate a reliable, smooth, simple and secure experience to exchange different values and tokens. A combination of human error issues, the complexity of the experience and the non-interoperability of the chains are a major problem for the end-user. For those reasons, many individuals don’t want to use the blockchain and are skeptical about its usability.

The human error problem

A large number of transactions end up in errors and loss of funds. Even if the blockchain itself is secure to send a digital from one user to another, there is always the possibility of human error. It can be very easy to lose or waste tokens by sending them to an address not present on the blockchain. As of today, nearly 30% of the total Bitcoin created is likely to be lost or put out of circulation, due to human errors.

Exchanging tokens is a painful experience or the interoperability problem

Today, it is quite challenging for the end-user to turn a token to another. The process in most circumstances is extremely dependent on third parties for the exchanges and the effect has been counterintuitive. Some fundamental goals of blockchain were to limit the transactions costs and remove the necessity of the middle man. Meanwhile, exchanges have constantly increased their fees and created dependence on themselves to users. Furthermore, platforms are now blocking some accounts without explanation. The result is an experience similar to a traditional bank, controlling access to accounts and how those accounts can be used.

IOV’s Solution

Delivering a tangible solution to the people. As entrepreneurs, experts in cryptocurrency, and digital technologists, we believe the time has come to deliver the promises of the blockchain to the real world and to re-empower the people with this technology. Our goal is to fix three major problems of the blockchain today when it comes to sending, receiving and exchanging tokens:

  • the ease for the user with the IOV wallet and the value address naming
  • the safety for the user with the Atomic Cross Swap feature of the IOV wallet
  • the ease for the blockchain entrepreneur to connect his new blockchain to the ecosystem thanks to the Blockchain Name System and the deployment tools.
  • The IOV Wallet, the first generation of wallets designed for Everyone

    The IOV Wallet will be the first wallet to implement our Blockchain Communication Protocol, or BCP. It is able to send, receive and exchange any kind of cryptocurrency from a single address of value. As soon as a blockchain implements the BCP protocol, its token will be transferrable via the IOV Wallet.

    ICO Details

    Soft cap: 2,000,000 EUR
    Hard cap: 25,000,000 EUR
    Raised: 4,888,325 USD


    Registration country: France
    Office address: IOV SAS, 33 rue La Fayette, 75009, Paris, France

    Token info

    Ticker: IOV
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in EUR: 1 IOV = 0.1 EUR
    Accepted currencies: BTCEUR
    Bonus program:
    Pre-Sale 1: 0.08 EUR
    Pre-Sale 2: 0.09 EUR
    Public Sale: 0.10 EUR
    Token distribution:
    65% owned by the IOV Token Sale participants (over up to 3 rounds)
    12% owned by the security reserve that will be staked by the IOV SAS for operating the Blockchain Name Service
    20% owned by the IOV Team + Advisors + Employees
    3% for by Bounties and Incentive Programs
    Funds allocation:
    50% - Software development
    30% - Marketing/Sales
    15% - Admin/Legal
    5% - Ecosystem

    IOV (IOV) ICO Roadmap

    Q3 2018
    Full Technical Specification of the Blockchain Communication Protocol

    Account State Management
    Support for Single Token And Multi Token
    On-Chain Escrow
    Non-fungible Tokens (​specced, but not yet implemented)

    Q3 2018
    Testnet with 2 Blockchains, and the Blockchain Communication Protocol Partially Implemented (sending coins, human addresses)

    Two Internal Testnets with Partial Implementation
    POC Human Readable Address (not yet implemented in NFT)

    Q3 2018
    First Working Prototype of the IOV Wallet (basic functionality, such as sending/receiving different tokens from a single wallet with partial implementation of the BCP)

    Key Management
    Sending and Receiving Different Tokens
    Connecting to Multiple Networks

    Q3 2018
    First Release of IOV-core

    Key Management
    Creating Transactions
    Querying network(s) state

    Q3 2018
    First Release of React-based Wallet

    Core Feature Set for Managing an Account

    Q4 2018
    Testnet with 2 Blockchains, Further Blockchain Communication Protocol Implementation (sending coins, human addresses, atomic swaps, multisig, bootstrap nodes election)

    Human Addresses Implemented Using NFT
    Bootstrap Node Election (changing who is allowed to make blocks)
    Atomic Swaps
    Sending Coins

    Q4 2018
    First Prototype of the Blockchain Name Service (with registration, update of token definition)

    Economic Modeling
    Token Object Modeling in Blockchain
    Implementation into Blockchain

    Q4 2018
    Second Working Prototype of the IOV Wallet (advanced functionality, such as exchanging Token A against Token B with atomic cross swaps and a human address of value)

    Atomic Swaps In Wallet (already functional, undergoing revisions)

    Q4 2018
    Simple Matchmaking Proof of Concept Website for Atomic Swaps (in design stages)

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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    Height: 50 px
    Width: 160 px

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