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Liquifi (LQF)

Liquifi is a technical platform based on public and externally audited smart contracts that implement an automatic market maker algorithm for exchanging digital assets.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi
FoundedRussian Federation

What is Liquifi

Liquifi is a protocol for a decentralized digital asset exchange. It is based on liquidity pool principle.

Liquifi maintains pools for various digital asset pairs that are used to perform swap operations automatically using Liquifi automatic market maker (AMM) model. Anybody can invest liquidity (digital assets) into the pools and earn pool fees from swap operations.

Liquifi is also an open community of developers, investors, liquidity providers interested in proper operation and evolution of the protocol. Together they form a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) backed by Liquifi governance smart contracts. DAO is the only entity that can influence the protocol parameters.

What advantages does Liquifi have over the other DEXes?

First, Liquifi has an advanced automatic market maker (AMM) model that is built on the classic constant product model with a new smooth liquidity flow feature. This feature allows to get better exchange rates than with the classic model, especially for large deals. This is achieved by extending swap operations over a given time period. Thus, arbitrage trades can occur in parallel with the large deal, providing liquidity to make the final price better.

Second, Liquifi is not vulnerable to frontrunning and transaction reordering problems because arbitrageurs do not compete to place their transactions in front of the others. Instead, arbitrageurs can implement more complex strategies when choosing a proper time instant to perform their trades.

Last, but not the least, Liquifi from the very beginning follows decentralized governance and fair launch principles.


Token supply: 33,737,532.922591 LQF


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: LQF

Liquifi Roadmap

October 2020 Liquifi protocol live

Smart contracts are deployed to Ethereum mainnet and ready to execute.

March 2021 Launch in BSC

Liquifi protocol also supports Binance Smart Chain.

May 2021 LQF token listing

Get LQF token listed at PancakeSwap, Coinmarketcap and more.

August 2021 Liquifi V2

New pool mechanics, new farming, new tokenomics, new UX.

October 2021 Cross-chain capability

LQF token will become cross-chain. Deploy Liquifi in Polygon and other networks.

Project team

Igor Mikhalev
Igor Mikhalev
Igor Mikhalev linkedin
Alexey Lukashin
Alexey Lukashin
Alexey Lukashin linkedin
Igor Struchkov
Igor Struchkov
Tech Lead
Igor Struchkov linkedin
Bogdan Kuznetsov
Bogdan Kuznetsov
Product manager
Bogdan Kuznetsov linkedin

Social media

Liquifi web-siteLiquifi MediumLiquifi TelegramLiquifi TwitterLiquifi Github



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