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A decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find their perfect sexual partner anonymously.

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Technical details

Ensuring a decentralised setup for the adult industry that must not be banned requires technical proficiency and extensive team work. - Thus, to maintain consistency and free access, without troubling the user interface we have inculcated techniques inspired from Zeronet and Blockchain. Also, since low skill labour jobs are becoming scarcer, people too are readily looking for additional sources of income that might be easier. Banks and companies have stringent policies, so to avoid those, we use Ethereum tokens instead of a particular fiat currency. Like bitcoins, these tokens let users transact without revealing their identity or whereabouts. - For us, every party involved on our website is important, be it the buyer or the seller. We maintain buyer and seller standards by constantly updating their respective ratings based on certain key factors. The seller's rating is decided by general satisfaction, photo matching parameters, skills, and other elaborate factors. On the other hand, a buyer's rating is decided by the absence of complaints. These ratings help maintain trust among buyers and sellers and supervise their quality, making our ecosystem transparent.

What is

an adult ecosystem based on Blockchain technology. computing platform with a smart contract functionality facilitates smooth and secure online contractual agreements.

Token info

Ticker: LUST
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
- 14% LUST original team - 8% Indirect (legal, office etc) - 6% Bounty campaign - 4% Technology infrastructure - 5% Reserve fund - 15% R&D (including team expanding,advisers) - 48% Marketing (promotion, market growth,community, bounty campaign & expansion) Roadmap


the LUST PRE-sale campaign


Starting to Development of beta version of the platform Preparation of legal documents Active marketing company of ICO


ICO-round & Deployment of marketing company


- Announcing beta version of the product and closed beta testing
- Join first 500 partners
- Creation of press releases and contracts with media resources


- Official opening of the platform
- Working with media and active promotion of platform
- Join more than 8000 partners
-Announcement and launch of premium accounts
- 10,000 satisfied customers in first month

IN 2018

- Conduct large-scale marketing companies
- To enter and conquer a big part of the European market
-Launch 2 progressive Asian countries (Japan,Thailand)
- To debug and improve system performance

IN 2019

- Conquer a big part of the Asian sex-market
- Launch in Australia and Canada
- Starting an massive expansion on the USA market

IN 2020

- Sustain firm positions on the conquered markets
- Becoming #1 brand in the sex market
- Conquer a big part of the US market

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