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Markscheider project aims to become a competitive enterprise for the production of russian ASIC miners.

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What is Markscheider

Markscheider project aims to fulfil three main tasks: carrying out a patent studies, device software development and mass production management. The Markscheider company plans to create a full production cycle from research to production, logistics and service. It is planned to install 4-6 hash cards on the Markscheider miners. For efficient cooling of the equipment, the target dimensions are 530mm * 240mm * 190mm. Token MARK is a Markscheider project’s official cryptocurrency. This token gives users the right to purchase Markscheider ASIC miners, when they are ready, as well as other goods and services of the project.

Token info

Ticker: MARK

Markscheider Roadmap

IV quarter 2017

Preparatory works.
Patent research. Conducting patent studies in accordance with GOST R 15.011-96 Markscheider B29 and Markscheider L1200 products on the existing chip 16 Nm. According to the research results, a report on patent research will be prepared and a patent document will be issued.
Development of TOR, MS. On the basis of the report on patent research, a term of reference (TOR) and a dimensional drawing (MS) for future products are developed.

IV quarter 2017 - I quarter 2018

Design work.
Development of design documentation on the miner system.
· Preparation of documentation (DataSheet) and UGO for all applied electronic products for miners.
· Development of libraries in CAD R-CAD on miners.
· Development of schematic documentation for miners and technical requirements for the printed circuit boards development.
· Development of the project TU, PM for installation of the miners.
· Development of instructions for verification.
· Development of accompanying and operational documentation.
Development of design documentation for assembly samples and their manufacture (8 pieces).
· Development of the requirement for mathematical models.
· Provision of a complete set for the manufacture of assembly samples.
· Development of mathematical models and design documentation for assembly samples.
· Ordering and provision of body parts manufactured by prototyping.
· Preparation of assembly samples (8 pieces).
Development and manufacturing of engineering prototypes (2 pieces).
· Development of schematic documentation and those. Requirement for wiring printed circuit boards of engineering prototypes.
· Development of design documentation for engineering prototypes (printed circuit boards, assembly drawings, specifications, drawings for topology).
· Provision of a set of engineering prototypes.
· Production of printed circuit boards for engineering prototypes.
· Assembling engineering prototypes in the ML OKB GP.

I quarter 2018

Software development and testing.
Development and debugging of software for the miner management system.
· Preparation of debugging tools for the study and maintenance of software on the miner system.
· Software development for the system.
· Debug software on the system.
· Development of software documentation for the system.
Production of functional samples (31 pcs.)
· Provision of a set of functional samples.
· Manufacturing of printed circuit boards.
· Provision of body parts, made by prototyping.
· Assembling electronic modules of functional samples in an experienced design bureau (31 pcs.). Assembling in cases 3 pcs. or testing mechanical effects.
· Programming, testing of operability, tuning of electronic modules of functional samples, assembly into cases (28 pieces).
10 web:; mail:
Tests of functional samples.
· Development of a program and testing methodology.
· Carrying out the test.
· Adjustment of the schematics and documentation on the results of the test, verification of
functional samples.
· Software adjustment based on test results.
· Correction of design documentation for electronic modules based on test results.
Production of prototypes for preliminary tests (4 pieces). Provision of preliminary tests.
Development and manufacturing of equipment.
· Development of design documentation for rigging.
· Correction of design documentation for rigging according to test results.
· Manufacturing of equipment.
Development and manufacturing of the automated means of industrial control (CAD).
Production of 10 prototypes for acceptance and operational tests.
Acceptance tests.
· Development of the acceptance test program.
· Conducting the acceptance test (5 pcs.).
· Correction of DD, TU, ED and software according to the results of the acceptance test..
Operational tests.
· Performance testing.
· Correction of DD, TU, ED and software according to the results of the operational test.
Manufacturing of 3 prototypes for certification tests..
· Programming, testing of operability, tuning of prototypes, delivery of OAKCP.
· Conducting a certification test, obtaining certificates.
Carrying out the acceptance commission.

II quarter 2018

Manufacture preparation.
Mass production.
Work on the transition to the technical process of 7 Nm and immersion cooling.

Project team

Krylov Ivan
Krylov Ivan
Founder. Administrative Director (CAO)
Kutorkin Andrey
Kutorkin Andrey
The developer. Engineer-designer
Ganich Semen
Ganich Semen
Founder. Director of Business Development (CBO)
Lopunov Viktor
Lopunov Viktor
Founder. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Sidorov Denis
Sidorov Denis
The developer. Engineer-designer
Arlashkin Michael
Arlashkin Michael
Software developer

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