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MouseHaunt (MHT)

Upcoming IDO
Token sale: Dec 20, 2021 – Dec 20, 2021

Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based multiplayer game. There are two teams, the Mouse Heroes team – trying to reach the Fragrant Cheese of Yore – and the Ghost Team, whose goal is to kill all the Mouse Heroes.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is MouseHaunt

Mouse Haunt is built to be fun to play first, since the game originated outside of the blockchain ecosystem with a very strong core game design that has been proved to amaze players. We gladly bring Mouse Haunt to the blockchain world with it's great fit as a NFT play-to-earn game. Unique Mouse Heroes, Castles, Ghosts, possessable objects and environmental Bosses fully owned by our players bring a lot of value, fun gameplay and replayability.

Mouse Haunt Universe will start with the original Mouse Haunt game. However that is not all - we have a strong strategy to grow our universe further by increasing our rooster of games and developing a strong economy with a governance token and a burn/reward token. With that, we will be able to offer multiple games and game modes that live in the same Universe, thus can be enjoyed by our players using the same NFTs for multiple games.


IDO ( Launchpad): Dec 20, 2021 - Dec 20, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 MHT
Hard cap: 2,270,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Token info

Ticker: MHT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP 20
Token price in USD: 1 MHT = 0.2 USD
Token distribution:
Strategic Partnership - 5.00%
Seed - 2.00%
Private Sale - 6.75%
Public round - 2.00%
Liquidity - 2.50%
Team and advisors - 16.00%
Play-to-earn - 36.00%
Community & Marketing - 12.00%
Reserves / Treasury - 6.00%
Staking - 11.75%

MouseHaunt Roadmap

2021 Q3
  • Migrating game to blockchain and upgrading to UE5
  • Growing staff and advisors
  • Seed round
  • Partnership development
2021 Q4
  • Whitepaper and Website release
  • $MHT Pre-Sale rounds (Whitelist)
  • Pancake Swap Listing
  • Mouse Heroes Booster Sale
  • Staking Launch
2022 Q1
  • Mouse Haunt: Lock and Load play-to-earn launch
  • Legendary Ghost NFT pre-sale
2022 Q2
  • Castle Land pre-sale
  • More information coming soon

Project team

Pedro Camacho
Pedro Camacho
Co-Founder & CEO
Pedro Camacho linkedin
Matheus Vilano
Matheus Vilano
Lead Software Engineer
Matheus Vilano linkedin
Lan Tong
Lan Tong
2D Artist
Petri Kauritsalo
Petri Kauritsalo
Level Designer
Petri Kauritsalo linkedin
Luis Matamoros
Luis Matamoros
3D Artist
Luis Matamoros linkedin
Sinan Ozer
Sinan Ozer
Project Manager
Sinan Ozer linkedin


Andres Bilbao
Andres Bilbao
Co-founder of Rappi
Andres Bilbao linkedin
Daniel Portugal
Daniel Portugal
Daniel is a Senior Solidity Engineer, doing Ethereum, solidity and multi-blockchain contracts since 2017.
Daniel Portugal linkedin
Caio Jahara
Caio Jahara
Augmented reality pioneer Founder & CEO of
Caio Jahara linkedin
Antonio Viggiano
Antonio Viggiano
Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013 Cofounded and coded 2 crypto exchanges himself
Antonio Viggiano linkedin
Breno Mazza
Breno Mazza
Community Manager, specialist in SEO, copywriting and advertising writing. Columnist for Blockchain Games
Breno Mazza linkedin

Social media

MouseHaunt web-siteMouseHaunt MediumMouseHaunt TelegramMouseHaunt TwitterMouseHaunt Discord

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