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NAFEN is a project combining technologies in the field of industrial production of a crystalline material, which is alumina nanofibers (Al2O3) branded as NAFEN™.

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Project industry Energy & Utilities
Product type Technology
Founded Estonia


  • NAFEN is the industrial-class nanofibers available for creating new polymere and composite materials.
  • NAFENsolutions can replace wood and steel as building materials.
  • Using NAFEN with polymers, ceramics or concretes to make them longer.
  • Use in such industries as: Energy creation and storage, Fuel Cell technology, Metallurgy, Chemical and petrochemical production, Advanced Materials Engineering, Aerospace industry,  Automotive industry, Marine construction and maintenance, Electronics industry, Building materials industry.
  • NAFEN™ nanofibers are produced by the controlled synthesis of aluminum oxide nanostructures on the surface of molten aluminum in the presence of special oxidants. Such fibers don’t exist in nature; they can only be obtained artificially.
  • Development and production procedures of NAFEN™ nanofibers and products are certified in accordance with the standards: ISO 9001 quality management system; ISO 14001 environmental management system; OHSAS 18001 professional safety and health management system

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 140000000
Soft cap: 3,075,500 USD
Hard cap: 17,222,800 USD


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: United States
Registration country: Estonia

Token info

Ticker: NFN
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.123000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD
Bonus program:
Bonus 50.00% 14 000 000
Bonus 40.00% 21 000 000
Bonus 30.00% 27 000 000
Bonus 20.00% 33 000 000
Bonus 00.00% 45 000 000
Token distribution:
80% - Token Sale
10% - Team bonus
5% - Referral
5% - ETH investments
Funds allocation:
59% - OPEX
2% - Liquidity
10% - Fees&Consulting
2% - Marketing
14% - CAPEX
4% - ICO Marketing
7% - Other
2% - PR

Nafen (NFN) ICO Roadmap

Q2 2018

Investment campaign. Search for a production site. Engineering and technical surveys.

Q3 2018

Production site long-term lease. Production plant design works. NFN tokens listing on crypto-exchanges.

Q4 2018

Purchase orders for the equipment , including reactors for production. Approval of the optimal construction plan. Searching for Plant Construction partner.

Q1 2019

Signed agreement with construction company. Full-scale construction works.

Q2 2019

Delivery and installation of the first reactors.

Q3 2019

Final stage of the construction works. All reactors are delivered and installed.

Q4 2019

Test launch of the reactors.

Q1 2020

Finalizing production modes. Ready to start the sales.

Project team

CFO in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 1
Vladimir Jeletski
Commercial Director in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 2
Tim Ferland
Commercial Director
CEO in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 3
Roman Gertcev
Head of Production in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 4
Sergey Kniga
Head of Production
Chief technologist, R&D Leader in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 5
Alexey Kirillov
Chief technologist, R&D Leader
Head of technical support and development in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 6
Denis Lizunov
Head of technical support and development
Head of laboratory in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 7
Anton Ruzanov
Head of laboratory
Project coordinator in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 8
Aleksei Tretjakov
Project coordinator
CMO in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 9
Sonya Evtyushina
Web Design in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 10
Mike Kozhevnikov
Web Design


Advisor in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 11
Martin Kiuru
Advisor in Nafen (NFN) ICO - 12
Thomas Puschmann

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