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NATEE is a Decentralized Cloud Computing and Storage on AI-trained Devices.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typeTechnology
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What is NATEE

“Connecting passive usages of personal device to some passive income”

Global computing power is a critically important resource of our time. While most internet enabled mobile devices sit idle, on standby, they are under-utilized. NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation of smartphone users to earn passive income while awake, or asleep by simply downloading a mobile app. Today’s smartphones CPU/GPU cores are more powerful than most desktop computers, so with Wi-Fi & 4G are ripe for sharing. Intensive R&D projects will pay top dollar for available computational outsourcing of “Big Data” (petabytes).

Computing power is the critically important resource of our time, yet is mostly untradable, because it is dispersed across the globe segregated on businesses servers, or dedicated to personal desktops, laptops and smartphones. While mobile devices operate they are largely under-utilized, sitting idle waiting for a call, and especially unused when people sleep.

An innovative way has recently been developed by NATEE to safely capture various part of your mobile devices’ performance, redundantly and with dynamic scalability. It can share memory capacity and processing capacity! The NATEE platform bridges these shared capacities and commoditizes computer power in a coordinated way!

NATEE views your mobile device as a virtual gold mine! The precious potential of your smartphone’s CPU / GPU processor core and available unused memory. NATEE estimates to capture 2 percent of the cloud computing market share by creating a disruptive “mobile grid network” to efficiently cope with Big Data with scalability. We need a solution with privacy and security guarantees. The Internet of the future needs to be permitted to harvest as many available resources as possible. As applications persist on taxing our network infrastructures.

SOLUTION Outline of the Vision

By leveling a tilted economic playing field, blockchain innovations have a power to create financial freedoms, tokenized micropayments, and thus an opportunity for ordinary people to prosper. Unleashing smart phones on grid computing markets has mass potential, and can earn immediate revenue streams for all classes of people.

  • NATEE has built a bridge to huge profits, which can now be shared by everyday people with a mobile devices and internet. A smartphone’s CPU core computing and storage are often severely under-utilized, and so offers a great potential for CPU harvesting profits. Now earning income from the NATEE platform across grid computing networks at any time their mobile device is turned “on” and connected to the internet. Profits come even if the device is in use, or the smartphone user is asleep.
  • NATEE’s aims to accelerate Big Data processing for both science and commercial applications. Supercomputers are common tools for accelerating scientific research, or various profit driven projects. Billions of smartphones can combine in unison to yield super-computing powers worth millions of dollars per minute! It is an idea whose time has come! Simulations can be made easy for A.I. or CGI movie graphics, and modeling cures for various cancers by accelerating R&D tasks. It is important work that may save lives, so it is vital to assist in any way.
  • Leveraging blockchain’s DLT can safely monetizes raw compute power harvested from mobile devices. Tokens earned, shared, exchanged for fiat cash, can also be donated to science. Since anybody can participate, centralized control is shattered; corporate “compute cartels” disrupted.
  • NATEE’s orchestrated mobile network is distributed. Shared minigadgets (smartphones, tablets, IoTs) offload big data projects that often pay millions of dollars to complete. Grid management servers are the brains for dynamically assigning tasks in small, manageable “bite sized” parallel processes. In this way processing can become truly distributed across a global grid network. Sharing was never so easy! The power of the many outweighs the few.
  • A small handful of elites control the prosperity and economic realities of the majority. The blockchain community has been yearning for a new kind of Autonomous Digital Sharing Economy based on DLT and SEP. Everyday people seek an authentic open ecosystem that works for everyone – even newcomers to smartphones. The ability to freely partake in the lucrative computational outsourcing industry is a social justice issue. NATEE is emphasizing the need for egalitarianism society with equal opportunity and low barriers of entry. Our priority is to derive profit for the less fortunate, while giving to science. NATEE’s platform and mobile app can elevate lower-middle class lives to greater prosperity.

    Popularizing the use of the NATEE system will proliferate early adopters, and the habitual usage by participants. A worldwide deficit of compute power can thus be alleviated, while enabling small incomes for millions of mobile device owners; more than enough monthly income to pay their mobility service provider bills.

    Business MODEL

    The NATEE business model is decentralized. It threatens to disrupt today’s powerful corporate cartels involved in cloud computing, and grid computing. Private individuals can now partake in compute resource sharing directly with R&D projects, bridged by NATEE. This supercomputer grid and blockchain profit sharing scheme is an attempt to reverse a centralized business model. The sincere hope is to redistribute profits from large corporate giants to vast numbers of people. Freedom of opportunity can then flourish for the common person.

    The selling of computational power is big business. The typical end customer who can buy, and best leverage NATEE’s computational outsourcing work are “Big Data” clients. These are the scientific and commercial entities who traditionally have deployed their own supercomputer clusters, or otherwise rented grid computing services. The latest applications in the greatest need of compute boosts include A.I. Machine Learning, Scientific data analysis, Video Rendering in gaming and CGI movies, – all suitable candidates for compute outsourcing on distributed grid computing networks.


    Astoundingly, the estimated the market for “computational outsourcing” is a $300 Billion / year, and growing. Our hope is to convert between 2%-10% of the world’s compute market, meaning $7 Billion out of an estimated $300 Billion annual compute sales. This group includes mainly a specialized niche of asynchronous “Big Data” projects that are not time-sensitive. In this way, the numbers can be crunched whenever significant

    The cloud refers to homogenous servers in data centers that single entities like Google or Amazon manage. The grid is a group of heterogeneous machines in offices and homes that different economic actors manage. NATEE intends to outsource a smartphone’s core computational powers onto managed grid computing networks.

    NATEE Company and RESEARCH

    Grid Computing research is a fascinating area of expertise. Many experiments are conducted to test theories and new compression algorithms is areas such as load balancing, redundancy. Among the many challenges of mobile grid computing are device management, asynchronous collaboration, data protection (redundancy & encryption), discovery, provisioning, entitle/secure, deployment, monitoring, repair/respond, and metering. DVFS (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling) and DPM (Dynamic Power Management) for reducing energy consumption in processing units for Parallel/Distributed Systems

    NATEE plans to be the world’s first Mobile Device Computational “Grid Network” to unleash the combined powers of millions of smartphones, earning tokens for “Big Data” processing. NATEE solves big data deluge by orchestrating mobile users to perform across a Grid Computing distributed network that is open to anyone!

    Building the global market for compute is an ambitious mission. The NATEE team has proven our ability to design, develop, productize, market, deploy and support distributed computing solutions for a global audience.

    NATEE has built the NATEE Platform Alpha version, and rigorously tested its mechanisms.


    Pre-sales: Nov 01, 2018 - Jul 29, 2019
    Public sales: Jul 30, 2019 - TBA
    Pre-sale token supply: 20,000,000
    Token supply: 40,000,000


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Singapore
    Registration year: 2017
    Office address: The Hangar 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace 119613 Singapore

    Token info

    Ticker: NATEE
    Type: Utility-token
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, EOS, XLM
    Bonus program:
    first 4,000,000 NATEE Token: 50% bonus
    4,000,001st – 12,000,000th NATEE Token: 40% bonus
    12,000,001st – 20,000,000th NATEE Token: 30% bonus
    first 10,000,000 NATEE Token: 20% bonus
    10,000,001st - 20,000,000th NATEE Token: 10% bonus
    Token distribution:
    33% - Public Sale
    17% - Pre-Sale
    17% - Bounty / Reward
    13% - Operation
    9% - Private Round
    7% - Founder / Advisor
    4% - Reserve
    Funds allocation:
    50% - Development Team
    14% - Reserve
    11% - R&D
    11% - Operational Cost
    10% - MISC
    2% - Legal
    1% - PR / Marketing

    NATEE Roadmap

    November 2017

    Accepted by StartupSG's AMP.

    May - Sep 2018

    ATEE beta SDK released.Exhibited at Innovfest Unbound, e27, SWITCH.

    Oct 2018

    Research started. Algorithm Design of Mobile Decentralized Computing Systems

    November 2018

    NATEE Smart Contract deployed.Pre-sale starts.

    1st year - Q1

    Computing Donation for Medical/Astronomy research

    1st year - Q2

    Fully Commercial SDK for Smart NATEE node

    1st year - Q3

    Cloud Crypto Mining for Cryptocurrencies.

    1st year - Q4

    AI/RI/Deep Learning on NATEE nodes.

    2nd year - Q1

    3D Computer Graphic Imagery/VFX Rendering.

    2nd year - Q3

    NATEE Decentralized Cloud Storage.

    2nd year - Q4

    NATEE - InterPlanetary
    File System (IPFS).

    3rd year - Q4

    NATEE on its on Blockchain.

    Project team

    Nuttapong Wong-aree
    Nuttapong Wong-aree
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Nuttapong Wong-aree linkedin
    Samret Wajanasathian
    Samret Wajanasathian
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Samret Wajanasathian linkedin
    Eakkarach Pusuwan
    Eakkarach Pusuwan
    COO / Co-Founder
    Eakkarach Pusuwan linkedin
    Nguyen Tan Dat
    Nguyen Tan Dat
    Data Scientist, AR, Deep learning
    Nguyen Tan Dat linkedin
    Chaiyapong Lapliengtrakul
    Chaiyapong Lapliengtrakul
    Data Scientist
    Chaiyapong Lapliengtrakul linkedin
    Chanon Yaklai
    Chanon Yaklai
    Blockchain and fullstack Developer
    Chanon Yaklai linkedin
    Rujee Lorpitthaya
    Rujee Lorpitthaya
    Research Scientist, Consultant and Entrepreneur
    Rujee Lorpitthaya linkedin
    Songkran Wajanasathian
    Songkran Wajanasathian
    SETPointer, ฺBitcoin and Litecoin Entrepreneur
    Songkran Wajanasathian facebook


    Dusit Niyato
    Dusit Niyato
    PhD, IEEE Fellow. School of Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering
    Niracharapa Tongdhamachart
    Niracharapa Tongdhamachart
    Principle Investigator for "Grid Computing for 3D CGI Rendering"
    Thomas Schibli
    Thomas Schibli
    Blockchain Advisor, and Founder of cBanQ - Crypto Banq International
    Thomas Schibli linkedin
    Viren Gandhi
    Viren Gandhi
    Blockchain Advisor & Strategist
    Viren Gandhi linkedin
    Pongsakorn Sutantayawalee
    Pongsakorn Sutantayawalee
    Digital Marketing + Founder Bitcoin Trader Thailand
    Pongsakorn Sutantayawalee linkedin
    Puuwamate Akkachairin
    Puuwamate Akkachairin
    Financial Advisor
    Puuwamate Akkachairin linkedin
    Charaslah Bhumiwat
    Charaslah Bhumiwat
    Legal Advisor
    Charaslah Bhumiwat linkedin
    Worawut Worawittayanon
    Worawut Worawittayanon
    Worawut Worawittayanon facebook

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