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Nexus Protocol removes the complexity of advanced yield farming strategies to deliver optimized, sustainable yield for users.

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WhitepaperNexus Protocol White Paper Open

What is Nexus Protocol

Nexus Protocol aspires to be the gateway to yield-generating products in the ever-expanding Terra ecosystem, and in the long term, the forefront incentive token yield optimizer and liquidation protector for the multi-chain world. Nexus v1 will offer vault strategies focused on Anchor and Mirror. The initial vaults will

  • maximize the LTV in Anchor Borrow, and after launch of our V1 products,
  • execute a delta-neutral strategy on Mirror.

We are also very excited to announce the development of our 3rd product, EthNexus.


Public sales: Oct 05, 2021 - Oct 05, 2021
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 PSI
Hard cap: 300,000,000 PSI
Raised: 3,000,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: PSI
Token price in USD: 1 PSI = 0.01 USD

Nexus Protocol Roadmap

2021 Oct

Nexus V1 Launch : bLuna & bETH Anchor vaults

2021 Q4

Expansion to Ethereum : EthNexus

2021 Q4/ 2022 Q1

Nexus LTV Management system upgrade: Optimal mode added

2022 Q1

Nexus V2: Mirror Delta Neutral vault + Upgrade bLuna/bETH Anchor vaults

2022 Q2

More vaults

2022 Q3/Q4

Expansion to DOT, SOL, and other chains

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