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Nimfamoney is the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform for token purchase on exchanges and ICOs for maximizing customer’s personal profit. On here, one can borrow NIMFA tokens with a zero percent interest rate, use them to purchase tokens from other blockchain companies that come to ICOs or directly on exchanges.

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What is Nimfamoney

- 100% confidential NIMFA token lending procedure without personal data collection. - No verifications and denials, automated cryptocurrency lending with a zero % interest rate (only 10% commission on profit). - Decentralized and automatically replenished cryptocurrency loan fund is without control by one organization. - each NIMFA token bought on the ICO allows customer to borrow 3 tokens. - 2.5% bonus in NIMFA tokens from all NIMFA token purchases made on the ICO by the persons customer invites for participating on ICO.

Token info

Ticker: NIMFA
Dividends: Nimfamoney platform DOESN’T PROVIDE a dividend model. NIMFA token holders DON’T SHARE THE PROFITS RECEIVED as a commission on the income from borrowed funds.
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Token distribution:
100 000 000 NIMFA tokens = 100% (Not Minable) 60% — 60 000 000 NIMFA tokens will be reserved in Nimfamoney’s 100% decentralized credit fund (each NIMFA token bought on ICO allows you to borrow three) 20% — 20 000 000 NIMFA tokens will be available durng ICO 10% — 10 000 000 NIMFA tokens will be reserved for current and future team for long-term Nimfamoney developing and improving 5% — 5 000 000 NIMFA tokens is a provision fund for paying all the commissions (gas) for the borrowers (saving cryptocurrency) 5% — 5 000 000 NIMFA tokens are for rewarding partners and all bounty campaign participants

Nimfamoney Roadmap

July 2016

The idea of creating decentralized platform for cryptocurrency lending incorporating blockchain technology.

August to December 2016

Cryptocurrency exchanges analysis and consultations with the experts.

January to March 2017

Interaction with potential borrowers for feedback and formulation of value propositions.

April to May 2017

Attracting the first potential borrowers into participation.

June & July 2017

Meetings with the borrowers to get a better understanding of their needs and streamlining the decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform.

August 2017

Conducting the ICO campaign and issuing NIMFA tokens for the launch of the first cryptocurrency lending platform to help the investors in purchasing profitable tokens and getting maximum benefit from ICOs and on exchanges.

September to December 2017

Listing NIMFA token on exchanges. Issuing the first 10,000 NIMFA cryptocurrency loans.

January & February 2018

Receiving feedback from the borrowers and using it to improve the cryptocurrency lending platform.

Spring and Summer 2018

Development and implementation of strategies to address reduction of uncertainty and risk management of NIMFA token exchange rate volatility for NIMFA holders and borrowers.

Fall to Winter 2018

Issuing 10,000,000 NIMFA cryptocurrency loans for 2017–2018.

2019 - 2020

Establishing NIMFA token as a core instrument for cryptocurrency lending in the global blockchain community.

Project team

Max Tarasenko
Max Tarasenko
Nimfamoney Founder & CEO
Max Tarasenko linkedin
Vlad Pezhemskiy
Vlad Pezhemskiy
Lead blockchain-developer
Vlad Pezhemskiy facebook
Dan Suvorov
Dan Suvorov
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Dan Suvorov facebook
Alex Kharchevnikov
Alex Kharchevnikov
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Alex Kharchevnikov facebook

Social media

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