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Past ICO
Aug 01, 2018 – May 01, 2019

Pallium is a platform that allows for easy development, training, and storage of AI-models. Pallium is making AI available to everyone regardless of their technical background.

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Project industry IT & Software
Product type Technology


Pallium Network is the distributed computation network for machine learning. Like any distributed network, Pallium Network has an increased computer performance: large tasks are split into smaller ones and at the same time processed in the variety of nodes. Pallium Network’s main mission is to contribute to development of artificial intelligence and machine learning and their implementation in the real and financial sectors of economy. Using ML in different areas allows not only directly improving the standard of living but also foreseeing and simulating the future. The network of Pallium Network is decentralized, self-organized and it develops the ecosystem where all processes and events take place among its participants and are regulated directly by them.

ICO Details

Pre-ICO token supply: 5,000,000
ICO token supply: 220,000,000
Soft cap: 30,000ETH
Hard cap: 9,345,600 USD(fiat)
Raised: 48,544 USD


ICO Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: PLMT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 PLMT = 0.084034 USD
Token distribution:
Amount offered [pre-ICO]: 2%
Amount offered [ICO]: 88%
“Neocortex Lab.” Team tokens: 10%
Funds allocation:
40% - Salaries for employees: developers, lawyers, marketing team, third-party experts and other employees;
25% - Department of artificial intelligence research;
20% - Marketing;
10% - Expanding of the computing center;
5% - Operating expenses related to the company’s activities.

Pallium ICO Roadmap

May 2017

Company’s registration in the jurisdiction of Estonia
The design of architecture and basic structures
Organization of Pallium’s AI-center
Developing an MVP:
Myelin blockchain (proof-of-concept version)
Pallium Virtual Machine
developing a system that can manage tasks and load between workernodes.
Marketing preparation for pre-ICO
The development of PLMT token’s smart contracts

April 2018

Marketing preparation for the ICO
legal preparation
Development of the alpha version
Myelin blockchain (official RUST version)
The consensus algorithm Proof-of-Space’n’Copmputing
Valuation and computing verification system
An orchestrating system for worker nodes

August 2018

Development of documents
Development of the Beta-version
Developing a programming language for creating managing contracts
Designing a compiler
API for data providers
Model computation for GPUs

December 2018

Development of a pre-release version
Developing a programming language for managing contracts
Developing the compiler
Parallel model calculations on GPU
Running a free test network
Developing a converter for PLMT tokens to Spike tokens
Pilot projects in Pallium's ecosystem

April 2019

Developing a release version:
Testing and refining all system components
Final preparation of documents for developers
Main network’s launch
Initiation of PLMT to Spike token conversion
Release of Spike tokens
Listing Spike tokens on exchange markets

Project team

CEo in Pallium ICO - 1
Alexey Sukhov
CTo in Pallium ICO - 2
Anton Zhuravlev
Lead Developer in Pallium ICO - 3
Mike Lubinets
Lead Developer
Engineer Programmer in Pallium ICO - 4
Andrey Kuzminov
Engineer Programmer
Head of Marketing in Pallium ICO - 5
Anton Flotskiy
Head of Marketing
Pr in Pallium ICO - 6
Alexandra Kryukova
Lead Graphic Designer in Pallium ICO - 7
Kirill Peskov
Lead Graphic Designer
Community ManagerAdvisors in Pallium ICO - 8
Fadi Albouni
Community ManagerAdvisors
Advisor on blockchain technology in Pallium ICO - 9
Jean-Etienne Durand
Advisor on blockchain technology
Advisor on Tensorflow in Pallium ICO - 10
Vladislav Tkachuk
Advisor on Tensorflow
Advisor of Artificial Intelligence                        
 in Pallium ICO - 11
Alexey Redozubov
Advisor of Artificial Intelligence
 in Pallium ICO - 12
 in Pallium ICO - 13


Advisor on blockchain technology in Pallium ICO - 14
Jean-Etienne Durand
Advisor on blockchain technology
Advisor on Tensorflow in Pallium ICO - 15
Vladislav Tkachuk
Advisor on Tensorflow
Advisor of Artificial Intelligence                        
 in Pallium ICO - 16
Alexey Redozubov
Advisor of Artificial Intelligence
 in Pallium ICO - 17
 in Pallium ICO - 18

Social media

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