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PGF500 is a platform whose service ecosystem, being usable through the PGF7T token, allows startups and small businesses to structure, define and offer their business to the international market.

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What is PGF500

PGF500 wants to develop and maintain a token-based platform that allows new entrepreneurs or SMEs to build, or grow, their business through an ecosystem of professional, financial and technological services. PGF500 provides the tools through which it is possible to plan the company's activity, validate its business model and offer it to coiners and partners with reliability, transparency and interoperability.

PGF500 is a platform whose service ecosystem, being usable through the PGF7T token, allows startups and small businesses to structure, define and offer their business to the international market.


Create and maintain an international platform of services whose ecosystem enables integration between business and finance.


PGF500 wants to develop and maintain a token-based platform that allows new entrepreneurs or SMEs to build, or grow, their business through an ecosystem of professional, financial and technological services.

Main Objectives

  • Allow startups and SMEs to request capital in cryptocurrency via automated micro ICOs, validated by AI and based on PGF7T tokens
  • Create a Rockets Hub where it is possible to participate safely and through PGF7T tokens in the MicroICO
  • Provide enterprises with next-gen services for business planning and organisation through the well-defined and result-oriented 4 Pillar PGF500 process
  • Create a community that fosters the culture and adoption of blockchain-based technological/financial tools
  • Develop an AI system that analyses business initiatives and allows quick and accurate analysis
  • Develop an exchange platform for integration services between startups, SMEs and specialised professionals, based on the PGF7T token
  • Promote direct communication between business and finance through specialised and vertical systems based on market, objectives and turnover
  • Constantly maintain high standards of professional and industrial ethics in order to strengthen relations between all stakeholders in the PGF500 project
  • Problems

    These entities encounter many problems in the process of structuring and/or capitalising the venture, both in an embryonic state and an evolved one.

    For those who found a startup, the impact relating to the company structuring and planning mechanisms are complex; the startuppers, typically, have limited resources, limited time and a significant organisational deficiency in terms of company analysis and the steps necessary to present their activities to the market, the world of finance or analysis of the venture itself.

    So in order to be profitable, tools like the business plan, executive summary, pitch or business model canvas need a time investment in order to achieve strategic understanding and definition.

    Startups also have problems connecting to the finance market; this market, and in relation to the corporate culture of the country concerned, is not always clear, direct or especially immediate; in fact, contact with a venture capital, business angel or incubator always takes a lot of time.

    For those who already have a small artisanal or industrial company (SME), in the event of growth, the only channel is typically banking or institutional financing; these types of instruments are limited by temporality and management; in fact, the credit access market is international only for those companies that can interact with this market through turnover and/or existing funds or specific skills.

    All of this creates limits to SMEs' growth and development.

    Many SMEs are ready to internationalise in terms of the quality of their products or services, but even if prepared from a production point of view, growth has imposed models that are not compatible with the large-scale credit or development market and therefore tools like Business Planning, Pitch and financial analysis are used minimally, without fully exploiting their potential power if properly developed.


    Both startups and SMEs need a simple and technologically advanced service that provides all the tools which can prompt and lead the inexperienced user towards producing quick and agile analysis; the result of these analyses must help exalt the venture's valuable elements and bring out the strengths and weaknesses so as render these as tools for the growth of the venture.

    Companies, whether startups or SMEs, must have access to a system that puts them in touch with the different professional skills they need, and which go beyond the specific knowledge of the founding members or employees; these professionals, on their part, will be able to support specific consulting or activities, contributing both to increasing their market and to the growth of other companies.

    Companies must be immediately connected to the credit mechanism through immediate, direct and vertical communication solutions based on the market which the initiative must enter; access to credit, and therefore coiners, must be able to operate freely and throughout the global market, without limits or restrictions, through a system that confers transaction security, venture reliability, return of capital and marginality so as to interconnect all startups and SMEs to global credit access, disintermediated but managed safely and reliably.


    Pre-sales: Nov 03, 2018 - Nov 09, 2018
    Public sales: Nov 09, 2018 - Jan 31, 2019
    Token supply: 227,200,000
    Total tokens for sale: 227,200,000 PGF7T
    Soft cap: 6,000,000 EUR
    Hard cap: 22,000,000 EUR


    Registration country: Switzerland

    Token info

    Ticker: PGF7T
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 PGF7T = 0.114 USD
    Token price in EUR: 1 PGF7T = 0.10 EUR
    Accepted currencies: ETH,EUR
    Token distribution:
    80% - Token Sale
    5% - Company Reserve
    5% - Company and Founders
    5% - Technical and Legal Advisors
    5% - Fund for Future Development of the Project

    PGF500 Roadmap

    Q4 2018

    Functional Release

    Venture Capital Connection Ready;
    PGF7T operation on;
    Access for startups/SMEs to VC;
    Secure and distributable APIs with access to developers.

    Q1-Q2 2019

    Stable release 1.0 Multi language;
    Rockets Hub for startup/SME professional services, Professionals,
    iOS, Android apps.

    Q3-Q4 2019

    Stable release 2.0

    AI system for business analysis;
    MicroICO Rockets Hub;
    iOS, Android apps.

    Q1 2020

    Stable release 3.0

    Deployment of MicroICO Rockets Hub;
    PGF500 Platform;
    iOS, Android apps.

    Q1 2021


    Listing on the European stock exchange (Zurich or London).

    Project team

    Pierluigi Merico
    Pierluigi Merico
    CEO & Founder, digital business, investor, crypto/token, PGF500 Platform (IT) and (CH)
    Pierluigi Merico linkedin
    Francesco Ago
    Francesco Ago
    Co-founder, Lawyer
    Francesco Ago linkedin
    Gabriella Greco
    Gabriella Greco
    Co-founder, digital business at PGF500 Platform (IT) and (CH)
    Gabriella Greco linkedin
    Riccardo Pazzani
    Riccardo Pazzani
    Co-founder, digital business at PGF500 Platform (IT) and (CH)
    Riccardo Pazzani linkedin
    Paolo Tinarelli
    Paolo Tinarelli
    Marketing & IT
    Paolo Tinarelli linkedin
    Nicola Maganetti
    Nicola Maganetti
    IT Consultant
    Nicola Maganetti linkedin
    Giorgia Grassi
    Giorgia Grassi
    Senior Account Executive
    Giorgia Grassi linkedin
    Matteo Terzi
    Matteo Terzi
    Marketing & IT
    Matteo Terzi linkedin
    Lorenzo Consolini
    Lorenzo Consolini
    Marketing & IT
    Lorenzo Consolini linkedin
    Riccardo Bendotti
    Riccardo Bendotti
    Marketing & IT
    Riccardo Bendotti linkedin
    Swiss Crowd
    Swiss Crowd
    Technological Partner
    Swiss Crowd linkedin
    IcoStart linkedin
    Marketing Partner


    Paolo Siligoni
    Paolo Siligoni
    Paolo Siligoni linkedin
    Andrea Croci
    Andrea Croci
    Blockchain Advisor
    Andrea Croci linkedin
    Athos Cereghetti
    Athos Cereghetti
    Financial Advisor
    Athos Cereghetti linkedin

    Social media

    PGF500 web-sitePGF500 RedditPGF500 MediumPGF500 TelegramPGF500 BTCTalkPGF500 TwitterPGF500 FacebookPGF500 Github



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