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Plaza is a systems integration company that employs cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. It offers five products: PlazaCard™, Plaza Merchants, PlazaDesktop™ and PlazaMobile™ applications, as well as PlazaConcierge™.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States

What is Plaza

Plaza seeks to develop an AI-driven aggregator that will search the internet for the best options on products and services, including those offered by merchants marketing directly on their blockchain-based e-commerce platform, PlazaMarket™. In addition to a limited-supply PLAZA ERC20 tokens (transferable on the Ethereum blockchain), Plaza will be offering a fiat-backed transactions coin (PL$). This will allow the Plaza Ecosystem to be synchronized globally. PL$ can be used to purchase and sell products in the marketplace. The coins are priced, issued, and redeemed in USD.

Decentralized Plaza ecosystem will include the following participants: foundation, platform, sellers, consumers, arbitrators, miners and chatbots.

Plaza Systems address the challenges of blockchain and introduce a commerce-specific MerchantChain. Plaza claim to have developed a set of PlazaWallet - synchronized touchpoints that consumers can use to interact with the MerchantChain. They include PlazaDesktop, PlazaMobile, PlazaConcierge, PlazaCard, and Plaza Merchant. Each of them is designed to facilitate product search and enable convenient payment. Plaza’s main objective is to develop an e-commerce infrastructure that can be used for everyday purchases.


Pre-sales: Mar 15, 2018 - Sep 12, 2018
Public sales: Oct 01, 2018 - Nov 12, 2018
Token supply: 624,000,000
Total tokens for sale: 624,000,000 PLAZA
Hard cap: 100,000 ETH


Country limitations: USA, China
Registration country: United States


Bounty: 1%
Translation: 17%
Social media: 5%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 40%
Other: 38%

Token info

Ticker: PLAZA
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 PLAZA= 0.132276 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000200 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
50% Presale Reservation Only Week 1
30% Presale Week 2
25% Presale Week 3
20% Presale Week 4
15% Main Sale Day 1
10% Main Sale Week 1 (Days 2-7)
5% Main Sale Week 2
0% Main Sale Week 3 - 6
Token distribution:
65% will be distributed to public sale contributors.
4% will be distributed to advisors that have assisted the founders and team and early investors who contributed to the project before the public sale.
15% will be distributed to the Reserve Fund.
15% will be distributed to team members
1% will be distributed as bounties and other incentives to help promote the public sale and develop the platform.
Funds allocation:
40% Research & Development
35% Marketing & Community
20% Operational Costs
5% Platform Security

Plaza Roadmap

Quarter 2, 2017

PlazaMarket and PlazaCard integrated concept created.

Quarter 3, 2017

Plaza Concierge concept created. Founders started discussing with other experts to validate demand for concepts.

Quarter 4, 2017

White paper produced and validated. Prototypes developed to refine product offerings.

Quarter 1, 2018

Plaza to conduct an ICO.

Quarter 2, 2018

Develop Plaza platform. Issue PlazaCards. Plaza Concierge production. MerchantChain beta testing.

Quarter 3, 2018

Platform beta testing. Ship Plaza Concierge. MerchantChain launch.

Quarter 4, 2018

Platform launch.

Quarter 1, 2019

Geographical expansion and growing the platform and MerchantChain protocol.

Project team

Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
CEO & Chief Architect
Kevin Johnson linkedin
David Colton
David Colton
Chief Commercial Officer
David Colton linkedin
David Gillbanks
David Gillbanks
Chief Communications Officer
David Gillbanks linkedin
Ronald Aai
Ronald Aai
Technology Director
Ronald Aai linkedin
Michael Sinclair
Michael Sinclair
Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Sinclair linkedin
Tracey Allan Powell
Tracey Allan Powell
Chief Operating Officer
Tracey Allan Powell linkedin
Yehoshua Westover
Yehoshua Westover
Dir of Biz Dev & Innovation, China
Yehoshua Westover linkedin


Jason Corbett
Jason Corbett
Chief Legal Advisor
Jason Corbett linkedin
Matthew Brussel
Matthew Brussel
InfoSec Advisor
Matthew Brussel linkedin
Bob Blower
Bob Blower
Banking and Regulations Advisor
Bob Blower linkedin
Per Lind
Per Lind
Business Development Advisor
Per Lind linkedin
Mike Morritt
Mike Morritt
Community Advisor
Mike Morritt linkedin
Sydney Ifergan
Sydney Ifergan
Media Advisor
Sydney Ifergan linkedin

Social media

Plaza web-sitePlaza RedditPlaza MediumPlazaYouTubePlaza TelegramPlaza BTCTalkPlaza LinkedInPlaza TwitterPlaza FacebookPlaza Github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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